By zed - 09/09/2012 17:21 - Canada - Edmonton

Today, I took a girl out to dinner. Halfway through, she sighed and asked if it was all an episode of Disaster Date. FML
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Trix_Disorder 20

I hope you said yes, claimed you were going to get the host, and then left her there. Rude.

RealTalk0 7

You should have said, "Yeah. You're the disaster." FYL OP


FireFlie07 20
outstandtacular 11
CaptainDoorknob 7

Well, it's not exactly good..?

persianjr1 7

Hey, at least you were able to figure out she wasn't worth it half way through instead of later on.

starman02 12

What a bitch. Im so sorry OP. I hope she was extremely embarrassed. Not all girls are like that! I swear! Seriously!

But the nice ones are getting rarer and rarer. FML on behalf of men everywhere.

48 what makes you think she is being a bitch. OP provided only one detail and that was that he toile her to dinner. You have no idea what was going on. He could have been an arrogant jerk the entire time.

starman02 12

Okay first, you need to check your grammar! Secondly, usually when a woman doesn't spare the other person's feelings they come off as a bitch, hence why I said she was. Your absolutely right he could have most definitely been an arrogant prick the whole time. I honestly did not even think of the the other side of the story when I commented. I see what you are trying to say. Next time I will keep both parties in mind.

She's within her rights to ask him not to do something specific, but to ask if it's a hidden-camera show, when he may well be oblivious that it's not going well, is incredibly rude.

57, you're a hypocrite. You tell the guy to check his grammar, then put " your" when it should be " you're."

57, i am horrific when it comes to grammar, but I'm pretty sure you used the wrong "your" isn't it supposed to be "you're" since you are basically saying "you are." just saying. Edit: Damn 67 beat me to it.

starman02 12

Honestly I didn't even see that! Thank you for pointing that out ( both of you)!

57 not only that.. but from other recent FMLs, I've noticed you have a problem understanding when apostrophes are appropriate or not. So don't make yourself a target by calling someone out hypocritically.

67-While reading your profile about hating bad grammar, I found 2 grammatical mistakes. Practice what you preach.

57 - I don't mean be rude, but no one seems to like what you have to say. Maybe you take a little break.

80, I didn't realize the Internet was about pleasing others. I'll take your advice to mind.

starman02 12

80- This may surprise you but I'm not commenting to please others, I comment on the FML. If You don't like what I have to say than please skip my comments!

105- then*. I'm beginning to think your mistakes aren't accidental.

Trix_Disorder 20

I hope you said yes, claimed you were going to get the host, and then left her there. Rude.

Would've been a very good flop fml. "Today, i went on a date with this guy..."

CaptainDoorknob 7
habibiiiiiii 2

Order more things. Then leave her with the check.

CaptainDoorknob 7

If that was me I'd be an asshat and tell the management it's the girls birthday so she's by herself having Happy Birthday sung to her. As I slip out the back, of course.

your pic is disturbing.. who would try that with a baby..

Lol eat everything in sight first. Omnommom.

I'm not sure if you're trying to say: "Should've told her, 'yeah man.'" Or "Yeah man, should've told her!"

LiterOfCola 16

"Mayne" is used fairly commonly by teenagers. It basically means man, just pronounced different. I think the reason is that rappers sound like they're saying mayne instead of man in their songs.

Trix_Disorder 20

I like "mang," personally (think hispanic accent).

I thought he just misspelled maybe. The letters are right next to each other!

CaptainDoorknob 7

English is your friend. Embrace it.

I think I understand 76, 84. Basically he's saying that the English language is being murdered violently by a bunch of midgets with giant, fiery sticks. (addlibbed a bit) Hell, I was in a gas station yesterday and their name for the new smoothie machine was 'fa'real smoothie'! That made me cringe. Honestly, I agree and don't understand why people are wondering 'what's happening to the kids? Why can't they spell?'

Oops. I meant to say; '84, I know what 76 is saying'. Damn morning dyslexia.

CaptainDoorknob 7

I think what 4's trying to tell us is when his teacher asked him if he had trouble reading and writing he should've told her "yeah, man".

priceyfml 7

Jeez I didn't know a date could go that bad sorry op

You might want to avoid using comma splices if you want to criticize other people's grammar, mate.

007type 26

21- There is no hard and fast rule against using it. Google is your friend, use it. :)

AFloppyWetWhale 6

27 - There's a reason why you're getting thumbed down so much... just stop talking.

Okay, 007type, you've made several hypocritical mistakes here. First of all, it was not a preposition that priceyfml lacked, but punctuation and a proper adjective. Next, you used a comma where you should have had a colon, so the sentence would read, "Preposition: use it." You then, once again, used a comma where you should have used a stronger punctuation, thus creating a run-on sentence. Your reply should have read, "Google is your friend: use it," or, "Google is your friend; use it," or "Google is your friend. Use it." You should note that that phrase is actually two complete sentences, and therefore cannot be joined by a mere comma. Anyway, my point is that you should remove the plank from your own eye before attempting to remove the speck from the eye of another. It shall prevent from being a grammar nazi failure in the future. I apologize for being so condescending, but I loathe grammar nazis, especially the ones who actually don't know shit about grammar.

You gotta be boring as hell for her to say that

Briiyahh 7

-39 your picture is interesting.. Lmao Just thought I'd share my thoughts.. :)

RealTalk0 7

You should have said, "Yeah. You're the disaster." FYL OP

CoffeeChickBlows 13

Wait, "should OF"? I feel like I'm reading the end result of a 5 year old headbutting a keyboard.

What an insensitive hack. I would have called for the check right then and there.

I believe I've asked you this before and got no response. Persistence surely must pay off, so I'll keep trying: Now, I know this is REALLY off topic, but Welshite, what in the hell is your profile picture suppose to be of? I swear, it's been bothering me. My head actually hurts just looking at the picture because I seriously cannot figure it out. End my misery and respond to this?

#88 if you read welshite's about me you could infer that the picture is of the mineral welshite & just to double check, you could google image welshite & that image pops up :)