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Today, I bought my first iPhone. Today, I broke my first iPhone. FML
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even if you don't buy one it should naturally come with a 30-90 day warranty but it still sucks breaking it on the first day

Normally the warranty doesn't cover stupidity.

I had a one year warranty on my iPhone, it comes with it when you get the phone. Don't worry OP it's all good.

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Iwant, ibought, ibroke, icried.

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Unfortunately warranty doesn't cover physical damage...only manufactures defects.

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118- My younger brother dropped his and all of a sudden it stopped turning on, and had a huge crack on the screen. We sent it in and got a new one free of charge.

All apple products come with a one year warranty. That does not cover accidental or water damage. Just manufacturable defects and software. If you buy apple care plus which is now on the iPhone and iPad it covers two accidentals within two years at a 50$ deductible to get a new one.

I have probably gotten around 7 new iPhones from apple all for free, and most of the time it was because I had dropped my phone. The warranty still covered it. Or maybe I was just really convincing?

7? rly? that a number you want to tell people? Sorry but it seems like most people telling stories about broken iPhones dont know how robust they are, I had mine in situations where I thought for sure the screen should have cracked...still looks like new:) and Well I've had a version og the iphone for about 5-6 years, The only one I ever broke was the 3GS and it had survived falling in a pile of snow, submersion, and battering(combat training and afganistan tour)..finally a steel table leg took out The screen, but by then it was time for the 4s so preordered that.

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I got one recently and they have a year manufacturers warranty meaning if something is wrong with it like the software. You can buy a 2 year warranty and they will replace your phone no matter what. But apple are really great when it comes to customer service and seem to make exceptions

I pay $10 AUS for insurance, it only covers mechanical faults. It has cost me $150 to get the screen fixed each time I smashed it.

Or maybe you're a female? I had an iPhone that wouldn't turn on at all brand new out of the box, and even after charging, when I pulled it off the charger it died. They STILL tried to charge me full price for a new phone

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iPhone sucks. Get a Samsung or something.

Honey, there's a reason so many people line up in the Apple store to get the newest iGadget that comes out. Apple products are awesome (except for autocorrect... sometimes).

Tell me about it. You have to jailbreak it for anything good. Believe me, I know.

iPhone is the most popular phone on the market, but far from the best.

No you don't, I have alot of excellent stuff on my iPhone.

Half of the apps drain battery life and/or are repetitive

#25 iPhones are wireless, so there is no line that #3 has crossed. :D

Apple is currently worth more than Greece. Literally. I'd say people like Apple products more than Samsungs.

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@11 actually the iPhone isn't that amazing. Everytime I have to use one I can't help but feel I'm using a dumbed down you. Just my opinion tho

39 - I bet the iPhone is smarter than you are. Know why? Because auto-correct allows it to spell properly.

I must say, i own a Samsung and - pardon mon Francais - it is possibly the shittest phone i've ever had the displeasure to use.

61- #3 was talking about something like Samsung galaxy, not the "shitty phone" that your using. Sorry that you can't afford a better phone

Am I the only one who thought #3's comment said 'get a sausage or something'? ...Yeah I probably am.

64 - My phone is a Samsung Galaxy, and I can afford a new phone, but personally i prefer to spend my money on more worthwhile ventures.

Man i don't know about you people but I'm still good with my Nokia!

26 every app on any smartphone drains battery life.

Cad6, this is semi off topic, but for a while Apple was worth more then the United States... By about a billion dollars (literally a billion dollars).

Samsungs randomly shut off, and end calls, and occasionally work...

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Lol anyone who bad mouths the iPhone gets mad thumbs down. iPhones aren't that great relative to other phones on the market today. The fact that more people have them than other phones should be attributed to better marketing.

To everyone arguing about which phones are better, it's a matter of opinion. We can all like whatever phone we want. I have the iphone 3 and I love it

Actually apple is worth more than the US even if apple was worth 0.01cAUD (0.00961USD) cos the US is in trillions worth of debt. The last fork out Australia has given them is $200bnAUD

I'm sorry, but Samsung sucks. iPhones are not the best and there are elements of both that are beyond awesome.

I'm surprised noone has mentioned the blackberry. I have the curve 9360 and it's my baby ;)

u mean mention the fact that blackberry is going out of business?

Dang, do you guys remember when everybody had/wanted a blackberry? Yeah, neither do I =P... Just kidding, it really wasn't that long ago.

iPhones have a really small screen, no me gusta small screen.

This flame war is getting a bit repetitive. Here, I'll start a new one: religion is evil, Obama is a terrorist, Islam, Hitler. Aaaand Xbox is better than ps3. That should start a pretty good argument. I'll get the popcorn.

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25- He's nine mile past the line. The line is a dot to him! (Friends reference btw)

-28 He could have tripped on the charging chord.

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3- $600 billion says you're wrong.

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12 - or you could, I don't know, pay for 'anything good'?

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Galaxy Nexus is by far the best smartphone.

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Galaxy Nexus is by far the best smartphone.

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speaking as a Korean from Korea, the Samsung phones that are sold here in America are shit. The phones that are sold in Korea are so much better, and nicer. We get jipped here.

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Whoh. I ticked off the iphone people fo sho. Sorry I have never had a problem with my phone. I rooted it and made a custom flavor of android for my personal liking. The only issue I ever had was sprint. So sorry to have ticked you all off because I have a different preference and like to customize my phone for my specific liking.

58- Follow the template from your picture. 'What the hell is a .. You?'

Person has iPhone and iPod. Buys an iPad to do the same shit. Well there goes 400 bucks. *sigh* some people just don't get it.

3- ill kill you. *turns on super life stealing app on iPhone"

as a Samsung ex-employee...I agree. whatever is old in Korea is brought to US/CA. sucks

Most people here i want to say are on their iPhones. I'm currently using a Samsung phone and i have to say I'm having none of those problems you reported. I've used a iPhone for about four years and Android Samsung phones for about three and iPhones aren't bad at all but feature wise, iPhones are lacking.

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And what features would you say the iPhone is lacking?

so true. iPhone sucks, you can't have your own ringtone when you have iTunes, shitty Bluetooth and most unable to send pic mesaging. also battery life is crap, imo

I have an iPhone and I have my own ringtone. I send pic messages all the time. And I haven't charged my phone in days and I'm only just now at half battery.

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213- My wrong? What about my right? Or my left?

iPhones are awesome. You obviously just want one and you're jealous.

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232 - I had an iPhone for almost two years and I thought it was good too. Until I tried Android. iPhone really do suck compared to Android. I kinda enjoy this war between people with good taste and the Apple nerds. Or iNerds or what you call yourselves.

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The amount of dislike on this thread is incredible...

Well 210, my phone does a lot more customization, it has NFC, a much bigger and better looking screen(let's be honest, retina display isn't thaaaat big a difference), better processor and camera and all that stuff, a real upgrade from the last phone, thinner lighter and more durable with Gorilla Glass and a hard shell, and currently 200 dollars cheaper than the iPhone. IPhones not really bad or anything, but when it comes down to it...

When I got an iPod I had to pay for music I already had! Apple might be successful but I'll always prefer windows. Why? Because windows is compatible with anything. Apple is compatible with Mac and apple. Nothing else. To that I say PIECE OF SH!T!!!!

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It's not a nokia iPhones are the opposite of nokia

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I do have a theory on the subject... OP was skipping down the street whistling a happy tune with new phone in hand. Suddenly while crossing the street OP dropped their phone as a car came into view barreling closer and closer, OP had to make a quick decision whether or not too risk their life to save the wonderous iPhone, but just as they were about to leap in harms way a heroic stranger grabbed OP and pulled them to safety. There was fire, explosions and the sound of steal to pavement as the car crashed into oncoming traffic and finally dropped into the river and quickly became submerged with water. "Oh no! This is horrible" said OP, "I don't see my amazing new iPhone anywhere!" OP wept and sniffled when she saw a gleam of light, could it be? Yes it was her -super awesome overpriced- smart phone! "Hooray!" OP belted out. ~later that night OP went to use their glorious new iPhone only to drop it in the toilet, OP "$&@%!"

Come on! 57's comment was clever! Those old Nokias are indestructible, but if you even drop your iPhone, the entire screen shatters.

What pisses me off is that it is made out of glass. Not only do you have to protect the front screen, but the back can crack too. It's bullshit. I got the back of mine replaced with metal.

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I've dropped my iPhone several times. It's all about having a case on it. Of course if it's glass then it's going to break easy, so you get a case.

Yeah there must've been a reason that you didn't have a phone before...

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He never said he didn't have a phone before. He could have just upgraded it.

5- I'm sorry, I can't take you seriously with that picture of your nose staring at me.

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Don't turn your nose up at my picture...

Did you think about getting a case for it?

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The case was probably the reason why it broke. Some of them are hard as **** to get off.

Yeah siriously guys get a case. Not like icare but be smart about it

Doesn't always break from fall damage.

I would rather have no phone than having a nokia.

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107 - Your mom would've rather had an abortion.

Desperate times require desperate measures.

Allergies? That cat is awfully close to you.

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Ahahahahahahaha....ha blackberrys are so bad. The only good thing about them is bbm. They shouldn't even be considered smartphones.

231- it's a phone, and let's just say if you drop it on the floor- the floor brakes.

Your parents must be pretty wired up about this.

There really IS an app for everything! :'D

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There isn't an app to be the richest person in the world, to teleport... The list goes on.

Yes. It's called iTakeCareOfAPhoneWithoutBreakingItOnTheFirstFuckingDay. However, it's too late considering he already broke the damn thing. Oh well.