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Today, I received my first payment of child support from my estranged husband: $50 and a note that said he wouldn't be paying any more. FML
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you should petition the court to obtain his balls.

cjcstuart 7

At least he payed something:/ my dad never paid:/


Maybe he can accept the award from the current winner, chris benoit

kings1fan 6

Actually that's not called a father its called a sperm donor

Llamacod 11

Chris benoit was a few years ago so he couldn't possibly be the "current" winner.

PYLrulz 17

Considering what Benoit did, I think he'll be reining champ for a few more years

While this certainly sucks for OP I'm quite sure that OP's ex isn't even in the same ballpark as Chris Benoit. OP and her child seem to definitely be alive.

Who is Chris Benoit? Cbf'ed googling it, sorry guys.

cjcstuart 7

At least he payed something:/ my dad never paid:/

MetalxSoldier 26

My dad bailed too. Maybe it's just me but people who abandon their kids should sent to the octagon until they get some sense knocked into them. I mean sure, you dont have to be with someone if you dont want to but don't make babies and make innocent children suffer.

The octagon? What the hell is that? I thought it was the pentagon or maybe a state prison that'd do the most

dobbyisfreeeeeee 10

Divorce really sucks and I speak from experience as the girl whose mother had to call the cops on her father after he had a particularly violent outburst of abuse and beat my twin brother. I was ten. I think perhaps getting no financial support is better than having your children live with an abusive father figure. Just be kind to them, that's all I wanted then.

alstbv12 13

I will never understand why I'm the single one when I WANT a family.

Shadow_Phantom 26

Well, for some women, that's exactly why they wouldn't date you. (I, for one, honestly never want kids.) As to the OP; he sounds like an ass. FYL.

Yeah, I'm sure most women want kids. However, you are only 24, and though it's okay to start a family then, there's less women in that age group looking for a husband and kids that early

MerrikBarbarian 9

That's how life goes I guess. Try being a single lesbian who wants kids. There are options though. My best friend is also single and wants kids, so he's fathering them. You don't need a partner to have kids- just a sperm donor.

I want kids and a family too. I also would like to be married first before starting. I try to date, but guys don't find me attractive. Cheer up, at least you're a guy. The odds are in your favor.

Fay303 5

Why what do you have against Mormons?

Family and kids come when you least expect it. I met my husband at Walmart while visiting my parents a couple summers ago, was married the following spring and then found out I was pregnant the following winter. Enjoy your freedom now and know that all will follow in good time. And if you want to spend time with kids before then good nannies are hard to come by.

3, Because women don't find you attractive? You obviously lack something that they are looking for. Problem solved. Feel better?

Personally I’m not sure why people would want kids but I hope your search for a mate goes well. :)

Lizza330 28

You should tell him that your kid is theirs too. And that means they get half the responsibility.

That doesn't do shit. Don't get me wrong, telling them off and calling them out is great, it makes you feel better, but my sister's said this to my niece's dad countless times since she got pregnant. She's still only 7months old, but it hasn't changed anything. Despite how nicely or how brutal she says it, if a guy doesn't want to be a parent, all you can do is file for child support so that he doesn't have a choice.

you should petition the court to obtain his balls.

jojimugo 20

Who cares if he *says* he's not paying anymore? Bring the law into this and make him do it. I hate it when men can't man up and pay child support for a life they helped create. It's the least they can do.

Lizza330 28

I doubt it's just guys. I'm sure there are plenty of ladies that do that too.

You're absolutely right, there are some women out there who don't woman up and pay child support; but I pointed the finger at men since the FML is about OP's husband.

10, Exactly! One of my former coworkers is in jail for that reason. If he signs his rights over, I don't think he has to pay. Either way, FYL.

Airman1988 9

No 19 he does still have to pay child support if he signs his rights away, all he gains by that is giving the mother complete legal custody and giving away any rights he had including visitation. In essence it does the mother a favor, if they just want the support

WTF, 19? Who said he signed his rights away to his kid? They're not even divorced...just estranged, so he hasn't even signed his rights away to OP, let alone the kid!

camochick27 4

Whoa there.... The only way a person can sign over rights to their kid is if there is another person in there to legally adopt them (ie if a dad wants to sign over rights to a kid there has to be another (non related) male there to take responsibility) you can not just sign over custody to the mother. And yes when custody is signed over and the kid is adopted NO there is no more child support there to be paid. BEEN THERE DONE THAT!!!

Airman1988 9

camochick you most certainly can sign your rights away as a father or mother, and no it does not get rid of child support, otherwise sucky dads would do it all the time. the situation of adoption your referring to yes does get rid of support but its not necessary to sign your rights away. Ive been there done that too so to speak. if you try joining the Air Force as a single parent, they require you to sign your rights away as a father or mother to be accepted. so yes it is entirely possible to sign away rights just not support

Airman1988 9

I know because thats what the Air Force wanted me to do and I sure as hell didn't need another guy to do it they had the form ready. But there wasnt a chance in hell I was gonna give my rights to the mother, so I switched to Reserve because they don't make you do that.

camochick27 4

Oh excuse me. Let me rephrase my previous statement. In the (state of Kentucky) to sign over rights to your child to the other parent there has to be another non related person to step in and take care of the child in their place and yes when that happens there is no more child support. And for you to be asked to sign your child over because of going into the service or whatever IDK cause I have never been in or around that. So that sucks on your part.

This is what's wrong with the court system. Some **** ***** a guy gets pregnant, then demands money. ******* bitch

camochick27 4

No girl has to twist a guys arm to have sex. And it takes two (male and female) to make a child. Not all girls just screw guys to get pregnant stupid ****. And if a guy And girl makes a child NO MATTER the situation they should both have to handle their responsibilities or give up rights to that child to someone else who can take care of it. You above, your attitude is the reason ppl have to go to court because of child support. Because douche bags like you think all girls are out to just get money from broke punk ass bitches that don't man up to their responsibilities!!!!!!!!

#34, I assumed that if he signed his rights away the payment stops because my stepsister got her baby daddy to sign his away. I suppose there's no real payment to be made if he is in jail (for an unrelated reason...) #63, Re-read my comment dumbass. I said IF he signed his rights over. I didn't assume that he did, I did however assume you could read my damn comment.

IdfkMyUsernamexC 5

It's called child support enforcement. No, but seriously. I think they take it out of his taxes and give it to you.

Hey say he won't but If u bring it to Court they will take it strait out of his pay check

They never took it from by dad but if he missed a month, his drivers licenses would have been suspended. Maybe the rules are different everywhere.