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  Link5794  |  18

Step 11: Have the damn affair already. Be sure to put your alpaca to use here.

  littlenumber8  |  8

Entertaining to hear teenagers give their views on how a married man should divorce based on a single post. Keep up the good work everyone! I'll definitely keep you in mind if I need marital advice...

  Torva_fml  |  16

I would've just re-oPened the search, and left it on the screen. Troll that attempting-cheater...? Bitch.

(not sure how the hell I should word that...)

  SkoomaKi  |  27

4 - Divorce shouldn't be considered before OP confronts his wife. Unlikely as it may be, it could be a joke on her part, or she is planning to have an affair.

  itsgen  |  16

I'd want to diverse my spouse if he was fucking planning on cheating!
C'mon planning it?? Idk what other great ways to loose someone's trust completely

  CatchMe25  |  16

Or it could be that OP's wife is searching for a friend who believes that her husband is having an affair but doesn't know what signs to look for. *nancy drew*

By  haw008  |  14

You are obviously insecure if you are searching your computers history.

  deOrca  |  8

I search my history all the time to find a page that I looked at before but forgot to bookmark. Don't make assumptions.

EDIT: Ha, 2 people beat me to it.


Woooooow so he catches his wife and hes insecure. How bout considering the fuckin slut whos wanting to have an affair insecure. She obviously needs another dick to feel better about herself.

Looks like someone has an insecure future ahead of them.


Damn, people, you know there is a good chance he had an idea of something wrong in his relationship and was looking for clues from where his wife had been. Not everyone is innocent. Also, most affairs, there is more than one person who holds all of the blame.


I don't see how checking your computer history is insecure, I'm not sure if you meant something different and used the wrong word but like 14 said, the reason he was checking it probably wasn't to snoop, just to re visit a website

  luckyd880  |  12

What OP needs to do now is google "divorce attorney and states law on adultery during marriage" and then leave the page open for wife to see. She will never think twice again about cheating.