By Jerf - 24/06/2009 00:56 - Canada

Today, my girlfriend and I were getting it on, and listening to loud music when she suddenly looked worried and asked if I heard something. I said no and continued. Moments later, three firemen opened the bedroom door and told us to get dressed and go outside because the building was on fire. FML
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HumansSuck 0

Now you can say you did it in a burning building :D

Thats a mood killer right there.


Thats a mood killer right there.

so true, just be happy she didnt leave you XD

hecuva 0

LOL are you kidding... this could have turned into a great night.... tell the firemen both of you can't walk and when they come to pick you up throw them on the bed and have some fun!!! the other firemen will get the job done and you'll have the time of your life :P

heheh, i really love this website! :)

lolwtfwasthat 0


There's always next time...?

thats hilarious. nice location.. me to.

Sugar_lipsXo 0

hahaaaaaa shoulda kept it in your pants!

HumansSuck 0

Now you can say you did it in a burning building :D

lol, good one!

LOL too true!

Kris10Kris 0

#6 agreed!

Haha... Is your girlfriend hot?

Wouldn't been if not for those kind firemen.

Sir_Patrick 0

Now there's a story for your grandkids!!

wtf you're so dumb I doubt you even know what that means anyway, I don't get why this is a FML? Your girlfriend didn't dump you, you were saved by firemen from potentially burning up and dying. So what? It's not like you'll never be able to have sex again.

He was having sex and the fucking building was burning down. How the fuck is this not an FML?

valuemeal2 1

Owned! Now that's "heating things up".