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Today, I had a spur of the moment idea to go have my nose pierced. The piercer made sure to tell me how easily the little stud could get caught or hung up. I spent all day stressing over it only to scratch my nose and rip it out. Now I have a $40 bleeding hole in my nose. FML
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Surely it can't be that hard to not scratch your face, especially when your already stressing about it.

Ouch.. Make sure that doesn't get infected OP


*pays $40 to rip a hole in nose and bleed* "Don't worry about it!"

well, you knew it was there since you were stressing about it, so how did you suddenly forget and scratch it out? thats $40 well spent, for sure.

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I think 1 meant that OP shouldn't have stressed so much over trying to not Rip the piercing out. when you stress out over a piercing, it can turn out really bad.

Surely it can't be that hard to not scratch your face, especially when your already stressing about it.

It's so hard not to touch or play with new piercings though. I find, anyway.

#22 never if they have people like you teaching them.

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I was tired, I made one little error, don't be an arsehole, #22.

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I just got my nose pierced last week & I touch and scratch my nose every few minutes & haven't even nearly ripped it out. For stressing about, OP didn't seem very cautious.

22: When will people learn that incredibly minuscule and unfortunately common grammatical errors such as that are more often the result of typos than of illiteracy. Get off your high horse.

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Congratulations! You spent your money well!

I'm sorry #3. No one seems to understand sarcasm.

We understood the sarcasm, the comment just isn't funny. The last line of the FML pretty much says that OP knows it was a waste of money, so why comment it?

Well hey, at least you got something that made you slightly happy while it was still there.

If OP was stressing the entire time it was in, I don't think it gave OP much happiness....

Ouch.. Make sure that doesn't get infected OP

it doesn't hurt that much, you can just put it back in (: mine got stuck in a towel after I washed my hair.. now that's painful!

I hope you cleaned it and put it back in. If you didn't and it closes infections can get trapped under the skin. I would call your piercer and double check if you're unsure.

This is true. People always think that you should remove an infected piercing but that can do way more harm than good. It's best to stick it back in and nurse it till its healed.

Wash it out with salt water to prevent infection OP!

also put some hand sanitizer on it as well

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Noooo!!!! Never put hand sanitizer on a piercing #54! That is just dumb. There are a few products that are great for piercings like bactine spray. With a nose piercing you would apply it to the piercing with a Q-tip, and also Mecca.

There's an exact amount of salt per gallon of water that's recommended, I just can't remember it right now. Warm that to a bath water temps tire and soak for ~10 min daily. Also clean it with some soap that isn't anti-bacterial, since those kill the good bacteria too and make it heal slower.

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Ooh, after first getting it done it takes a little while to figure out how to put it back in. I used a small bandaid to cover mine until I subconsciously learned it was there. Since then, only a few accidents after four years.

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