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Today, I felt like going to the gym. I asked my girlfriend if she wanted to come with me. She screamed at me for supposedly implying that she's fat. No, I just wanted to go to the gym with someone. FML
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Well is she fat? If she is that insecure about her weight then she probably should go to they gym.

Sucks for you dude but you've just reminded me that i need to go to the gym, thanks!


Sucks for you dude but you've just reminded me that i need to go to the gym, thanks!

And you've just reminded me that I should go to the gym, but I've taken the low road and decided to eat a gallon of ice cream.

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In Soviet Russia the Ice Cream reminds you to go to the gym.. Oh wait! It really makes sense now, doesn't it?

Well is she fat? If she is that insecure about her weight then she probably should go to they gym.

Or she's just mistakenly self conscious about her weight like many people and needs to relax a bit.

#29 Or maybe she thinks she's "thick" not fat. A lot of women make that mistake as well

Or maybe she's one, like many many women, who claim to be fat but actually aren't.

Or, maybe she's just a woman, and blows everything out of proportion, being subconsciously self-conscious about her body for no good damn reason, and is lashing out because she has no chocolate in the house. Women are insane, the sooner men realize this, the sooner the species of stupid dies off.

#36 well the fact that this is in the United States and we have an obesity epidemic then it's hard to believe that

Or maybe she's one of these girls who's actually fat but says she's "thick"

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@42 - Because determining how healthy you are simply by your height and weight is so amazingly accurate that we should all strive to be exactly the same.

Also, maybe your girlfriend overreacting like this is due to a poor self image and lack of confidence...maybe you could see if there's any way you could help her with that?

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You should have told her its because you're insecure about your own weight, and you needed some support. Screaming avoided.

Take up tennis. Reverse spin really does work there, too.

Well she certainly is hormonal. Or maybe she's just a bitch.

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Or she's sensitive about her weight...and a bit crazy.

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How did you ask? There's a difference between "Hey. Want to go to the gym with me?" and "Yo fattie. Get yo fat butt to the gym with me."

I hear the latter works tremendously well.

I personally would have gone with "Hey, I am gonna go to the gym. Do you wanna go to the gym? Because I fear if I go alone I will be unable to remain motivated."

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Dunno, but it's not like I'm getting any, hence how I work the wangst out of my system by making moronic comments online, in a pitiful and ultimately vain attempt to feel more masculine. But enough about me. Nice hair.

Clichéd misogyny followed by a non sequitur. Truly one of the finest FML comments I've ever seen.

I'm a girl and I play video games and I consider myself pretty sane.

How is it that someone always finds a way to play video games? *plays gta into the wee hours of the night*

7 should change her name to Jack Thompson. Anyone still remember that guy? Heard he got disbarred

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#7, I blame primarily on the lack of access to mental health services in this country. After that, I blame it on the rain, the bossa nova, Rio, and the alcohol.

Not videogames, but I would blame all of those pseudo fitness magazines I see at the grocery stores.

@28 That is not a comfort. Most crazy people consider themselves sane.

Oh dear God, DrunkButterfly, what are you doing? NEVER blame ANYTHING on video games. Don't you realize where you are? This is FML, girl. 87.9% of the accounts here are owned by video game players. Mine included. You might as well suggest those jeans make that girl's butt look big (see below) or stand up in the middle of a young Jewish boy's 13th birthday celebration and suggest that Hitler had some good ideas but he just went about it wrong. Sheesh!!

What my friend #70 is trying to say is that you've busted down the fourth wall and you are not equipped for the shit storm that follows. Do yourself a favor and put down the gin before 10am, Butterfly. You owe it to your liver.

It's not your fault OP, but you should talk to her to make her feel better. FYL.

Never. I say NEVER say anything to a wife or girlfriend or female friend or ANY female that can even remotely be interpreted as something about her weight. It's always a one word answer and it's always quick: Her - "Honey, do these jeans make my butt look big?" You - "No!" That's it. Do not expand on your answer, either. You'll only make it worse.

Even better, those girls should stop being so sensitive and anal. Unless someone calls you fat straight-out, don't throw a bitch-fit and start attacking them, because 90% of the time, they didn't mean anything by it.

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It seems that if you are in a relationship with an African Amercan woman, it is social acceptable to say "you hot a fat ass"

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Billyz77- You are a VERY intelligent man! Guys: Take notes from this gentleman.

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Sounds like someone who knows she needs to go to the gym. People seriously need to stop taking other people's comments so personally. If you are so insecure that no one can discuss fitness with you, go to the gym. If you really didn't care, you wouldn't be so upset! And yes, this comment is coming from someone who is seriously overweight, and goes to the gym because she's self-conscious about it.