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By  callmecourtney  |  3

Alright, op, let me be the sympathetic one:

if an "accent" is all you noticed, chances are that her brother is a high-functioning autistic. Autism varies from person to person. My step-mother works in SPED and gets a lot of autistic students in her classes. Some are high-functioning - I wouldn't have known there was anything different about them right away. Others have autism so severe that they can't make eye-contact or speak. My own step-brother is autistic and falls somewhere between the two. You did nothing offensive, you just felt a little humble afterward.

That being said; My little brother and I were born and raised in Texas and he has a Boston accent.

  yake12  |  0

I moderated this one :)

and 14 op could have easily mistaken the speech impetiment for an accent... although I don't see the fml because it is an honest mistake


ohemmgee!!! that's not good D: fyl it's an honest mistake. people always think I'm from Brooklyn or jersey cuz of the way I talk but i just can't pronounce the tur sounds like in yesterday or gesture, I say yestaday and gussure. = my boyfriends loves it but I don't.

  Norrisv5  |  8

first I don't see why u would say it laughingly cuz thts not funny and second either u have autism as well not to notice or it's really mild

I bet when u found out he had autism your pants were dry and crispy..(I don't know)

  Quest_  |  13

89 if I can ask without sounding rude or stupid, if you are mute, what sort of voice do you hear in your head when you read? I mean, because, I hear my own voice. :P