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Today, while at my friend's house, I noticed her brother had a bit of an accent. I laughingly said "Is it me or does your little brother have an accent?" She stared and replied with "No, he has autism." FML
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Alright, op, let me be the sympathetic one: if an "accent" is all you noticed, chances are that her brother is a high-functioning autistic. Autism varies from person to person. My step-mother works in SPED and gets a lot of autistic students in her classes. Some are high-functioning - I wouldn't have known there was anything different about them right away. Others have autism so severe that they can't make eye-contact or speak. My own step-brother is autistic and falls somewhere between the two. You did nothing offensive, you just felt a little humble afterward. That being said; My little brother and I were born and raised in Texas and he has a Boston accent.


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people with autism don't have "accents." You failure. There's an obvious difference in the two speech impediments.

I moderated this one :) and 14 op could have easily mistaken the speech impetiment for an accent... although I don't see the fml because it is an honest mistake

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#8- is that you in your picture? and it really is an honest mistake, not a YDI. FYL.

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woww that's really a fail op. just apologize I'm sure it will be ok, it's not like you were commenting on his actions or intelligence.

it sounds really bad but it was just an honest mistake

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I agree 24. don't trip people

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how do you feel now OP? idiot...

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its funny because you put yourself in an awkward position

give her surprise butt secks- that'll shut her up.

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ohemmgee!!! that's not good D: fyl it's an honest mistake. people always think I'm from Brooklyn or jersey cuz of the way I talk but i just can't pronounce the tur sounds like in yesterday or gesture, I say yestaday and gussure. = my boyfriends loves it but I don't.

you guys are idiots, some conditions are harder to notice than other...OP made an honest mistake, give him a break!

14 fails because an accent isn't a speech impediment

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awww you couldn't have known, OP

Who's to say he couldn't have autism and a foreign accent?

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34 - you look like your ready to take a cumshot to the face to the face, to the face

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8 is so hot:D if that's him in his pic. but anyway, op... ur a prick.

op means her friend meant he has autism so he's doing that accent for his own entertainment on purpose and dusnt actually have a natural accent, ya ding!!

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that's a hell of an accent :D

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25 lol that's so messed up dude

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Neither an accent or autism is a speech impediment. People may have speech impediments inherantly due to autism.

first I don't see why u would say it laughingly cuz thts not funny and second either u have autism as well not to notice or it's really mild I bet when u found out he had autism your pants were dry and crispy..(I don't know)

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so says the one wearing a bucket on there head that says John.

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an accent isn't a speech impedament

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opps I ment boyfriend jezze >_>

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86 those snake bites? can't tell on my ipod

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... I don't have one... but I'm a mute so that's prolly why :/

Quest_ 13

89 if I can ask without sounding rude or stupid, if you are mute, what sort of voice do you hear in your head when you read? I mean, because, I hear my own voice. :P

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Hi had ha H hat hthe hend hof hevery hword

Quest_ - I can't really speak for #89, but if I were mute, I would read everything in Morgan Freeman's voice. Actually, sometimes I do that anyway.

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#89 is your name Sara by any chance?

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Omg, thankyou!! You just made reading fun!!

This isn't a FML or a YDI. It's a question. If she got offended she's retarded. :U

I'm autistic. if you think that's funny, you've got problems.

how would she know that op! what's up will all the aggression. op, calm down bitch.

How come you didn't know that? Must have been BFF'S FOREVAAAH.

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It's a big foot in your mouth but still just an honest mistake. Least you didn't call him a retard or something really obnoxious

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Maybe OP had never heard an autistic person before. It can sound like someone with autism has an accent at times.

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D: ydi for not knowing D: how could you not know between an accentt

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ydi for looking like Edward Cullen.

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C-C-C-COMBO BREAKER!! But she does have eyes if you click the larger version of her picture...

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Uh, yeh. I know this.. But I was mostly going along with the combo, which you just ruined. Thanks. :|

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