By notautistic - 26/09/2014 01:15 - United States - Minneapolis

Today, marks yet again another day that I've been asked if I'm autistic. No, that's just my Korean accent. Apparently I look "too white" to have one. FML
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Even if you were autistic, why would they ask?

It's sad how much people are judged based upon their looks these days, Sorry OP


Even if you were autistic, why would they ask?

Dont be racist koreans can be autistic too

How is that being racist? They never said Koreans couldn't be autistic.

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Yeah that's rude as ****, who the hell would ask anyone that?

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Maybe they really knew he wasn't but were just trying to figure why he spoke the way he did. . idk?

They had a korean accent!!! Even if they looked white wouldnt the logical line of thinking be that he spent time in korea?

#36 "logical line if thinking" something they lack.

You would be surprised how many people have never heard a Korean accent before. Never having been exposed to something is different than being an ignorant idiot. But sadly Korean accents do sound a bit like a speech impediment of some sort if you've never heard it before, at least it did to me.

But still you don't just automatically assume that someone is autistic just because their accent/voice is different than yours. That's just idiotic.

Autism isn't the same thing as having a speech impediment first of all, and second, I have yet to hear an accent where I would deem it appropriate to mistake them for having a disability, let alone actually say it

It's sad how much people are judged based upon their looks these days, Sorry OP

unfortunately, it's not just "these days." judging people by their looks has always been around and will probably never change.

Well, to be fair Op was being judged more by his accent than his appearance.

Sorry OP. Not like being autistic is a bad thing, but people can be invasive with their weird questions.

Of course being autistic is a bad thing. It's a mental disorder.

That's unique and awesome. You'll be fine. :)

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What exactly is unique and awesome?

******* hipster… Is conformity really that evil? That was a rhetorical question. No, it isn't.

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I'm...what? What are you getting at? Are you saying looking Korean is mainstream?

meli1195 31

Or that having a Korean accent is not mainstream? Because I know a loooot of people with an accent, myself included, so please clarify ms. Anti-mainstream

What, should I be feeling unique and finding my autism awesome, just because it doesn't make me 'mainstream'? Sorry, but I'd rather be living my own, so-called 'mainstream' life without autism.

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Wow people are so stupid... Sheesh. Just ignore these idiots.

But.. why would people even ask? And just because of your speech?

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Why do people have to be so ignorant? sheesh.

I'm Korean, but this has never happened to me. Sorry you have to meet racist bastards OP.

I doubt they were trying to be racist, considering they didn't even know he was Korean to begin with.

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Why do people love calling others racist for anything, even if it so obviously is not something racist?

Don't worry, I've been asked if I have Down-Syndrome (which I don't)

iAmPaul 49

And I've been told on multiple occasions in Internet arguments that I look like I have Down Syndrome, even though I don't, and I look nothing like the typical person afflicted with Down Syndrome.

#45, maybe not like someone with Downs but you look... How do I put this lightly... You look like a raccoon.

People don't really understand the level of asshole that they accomplish by asking someone if they have autism or Down syndrome. Like really? Do you not realize how rude of a question that is? It's like asking a personal question that is none of their business. How would they feel if I came up and said "Hey! Is that herpes on your face? When did you get that?" Yea, it doesn't feel good when someone asks you a personal question like that! Yea, I know, two different things. But both are not appreciated questions, which is the point.

The SJW-style ignorance certainly is rampant in these last several days of FML.