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By  ipman737  |  18

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  nightowl713  |  25

The biggest problem I have with this FML is not his awful assumption. It's the fact that even if OP had been autistic it would not have been ok to make that kind of comment. Autism can be a very debilitating condition and if a person effected by this can hold a job and interact with people, they should be encouraged, not ridiculed.

  jmcr  |  27

I have Aspergers and that comment pissed me off. I worked at a small Italian restaurant as a phone girl and waitress before becoming a busser at a high en restaurant. It doesnt stop us from interacting with ppl. We just have to learn differently to do it

  SoliDSt33L  |  33

If I may ask, what exactly would this solve?

Anyway, I got the feeling that OP's co-worker should be the one not working with people because he seems a little insensitive and judgmental. But if he was a customer, he's just an asshole.