By Badatlife - 23/06/2014 16:19 - Australia - Kellyville

Today, a guy at work pulled me aside to tell me that I probably shouldn't be working a job where I have to interact with customers, because of my autism. I don't have autism. FML
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stuner56 22

People need to think before they speak...

That is NOT something you just assume about people. I'm sorry. :(


stuner56 22

People need to think before they speak...

JMichael 25

I agree. I get the feeling this guy doesn't know exactly what Austism is.

ChristianH39 30

I get the feeling this guy just shouldn't speak

Why don't you just google it instead duh!

Ch_rae5 19

he did think before he spoke.....he just thought wrong. ......

this probably means that some people should neither speak not think.

Nah because then we won't have anyone to laugh at when they do stupid stuff.

Animekid126 13

Typed that a bit fast didn't ya?

Piss off you twat.Replying to all my comments you look like a stalker

CanyonRose 16

Fyl he's a jackass for assuming something like that. Sorry op

That is NOT something you just assume about people. I'm sorry. :(

nightowl713 25

The biggest problem I have with this FML is not his awful assumption. It's the fact that even if OP had been autistic it would not have been ok to make that kind of comment. Autism can be a very debilitating condition and if a person effected by this can hold a job and interact with people, they should be encouraged, not ridiculed.

My sister has Asperger's. I would be absolutely furious is someone said that to her, much less me.

I have Aspergers and that comment pissed me off. I worked at a small Italian restaurant as a phone girl and waitress before becoming a busser at a high en restaurant. It doesnt stop us from interacting with ppl. We just have to learn differently to do it

My P.E teacher had a pregnant belly for 10 months so i finally asked her whens it due and she said she wasnt pregnant :( idk made a mistake

My brother also has Aspergers and people have intact said that to him even with me around. Needless to say I get very angry when people do it. Shows such ignorance.

Certain people would contribute more to society if they never talked. I do of course mean those who assume people have autism.

"Today, a coworker of mine told me I shouldn't deal with customers as I am an asshole, wrongly assuming that they have autism." If only.

KawaiiSushii 8

just act autistic every time it's just the two of you but normal around everyone else

If I may ask, what exactly would this solve? Anyway, I got the feeling that OP's co-worker should be the one not working with people because he seems a little insensitive and judgmental. But if he was a customer, he's just an asshole.

#8 act autistic? isnt that also like making fun of someone for being a certain way? you suck

You can't "act autistic" you idiot. Look up what autism is, and you'll see it's a VERY VERY VERY wide range of behaviors.

Should've told him he shouldn't be allowed to interact with people because of his mental disease he clearly has.

Oh you mean Asshole-Jackass Syndrome?

Or Asshole-Assumer Syndrome, however this is a more specific "subdisease" of Asshole-Jackass Syndrome.