By apparently_disabled - 17/04/2015 06:24 - Canada - Victoria

Today, I was trying to make a good impression with my fiancé's friends. After a few hours, I thought all was going well. As I walked to the washroom, I heard, "So what disability does she have? No one can be like that without something wrong in their brain." FML
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Play along and punch them. Since you are retarded and can't control your actions

Well that's just rude. I hope your fiancé stood up for you.


Well that's just rude. I hope your fiancé stood up for you.

friedpwnadge 25

I have asperger's (technically) and nobody would ever know. Frankly, because of people like that nobody usually does know. Fuck those idiots, OP. They don't know the first thing about being human or normal.

#16 - People who have Asperberg's are super obvious, even the ones who think they're extremely high-functioning. You can say nobody would know, but chances are people who do just don't say anything because they're smart enough to recognize it doesn't impact you too negatively.

More likely you only notice the obvious ones, and have met many with it who you've never realised. Crazy idea, I know. Also it's spelt in the post you're replying to. Seriously, spellcheck.

sweetnsourrr 11

16, not always true. Most people wouldn't say anything because we were always taught it was disrespectful to react to someone with a disability/disabilities and always treat them like people. I sat next to this guy with some sort of very obvious disability who was screaming and moving a couple of times. I never responded and just ignored because I know its something he cant control. He was very kind enough to apologize because he felt like disrespected or disturbed me and I would always tell him that its okay. Sorry, if you can't understand what I am saying...Im a little tired and sick.

Wow, crazy that I'm being criticized for a minor typo. I know how to spell it, we all make mistakes. And no, they are obvious. People with autism, Asperger's, etc. can be picked out of a crowd with no problems. Body language is so easy to read that it's not even funny.

ChopSuey444 20

#60... they really aren't ALL obvious, man. Most of them: yes. Every single last one of them: absolutely not.

Actually my father has it... i didnt know it for 14 years

#59 that's true, I've had a little handicapped boy walk over and start talking to me while eating the food off of my plate (mum came over to collect him straight away while apologising profusely) just had a chat with little dude, nothing more was said between us than how calamari is octopus. No harm dine so no need to say anything more

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Very nice of you to be understanding to the little boy and just so you know calamari is squid not octopus :-)

#60 You probably wouldn't know I'm a little Autistic if you didn't know me well. I didn't know I had it for the majority of my life. Though to be fair, it wasn't so much that I didn't show symptoms/characteristics as much as they weren't thought to be because of Aspergers/Autism. It was probably one of the main reasons that I was bullied in Middle School, that my parents get mad at me so often and I have trouble making friends. I act a little weird sometimes and might say or do something inappropriate but most of the time I'm quiet and don't bring attention to myself. What's probably most noticeable is my lack of eye contact. I'd actually be impressed if you could tell just by looking at me because that means you're very observant and know what to look for.

Play along and punch them. Since you are retarded and can't control your actions

Not everyone with a disability can't control their actions. I would know.

Not everyone with a disability can understand humour apparently! :)

Well at least your fiancé didn't say it. Fyl OP.

I hope he stood up for you.

Well hopefully you won't have to be around them that often in your new marriage. Hope your SO stood up for you.

That is all sorts of screwed up, hope your fiancé didn't agree with them.

Wow, what horrible people! I hope you said something, OP! I'm sure you're a really nice person and you don't actually seem that way.

You should of told them your disability was awesomeness and they wouldn't understand it because they've never had it before.

Sounds like a line straight outta New Girl. All it needs is some awkward hand motions, facial gestures, and sound effects from Zoe Deschanel.

Apply cold water to burned area

Maybe you were trying way too hard? just act natural.. theres no need to impress them. They should see the person your fiancé chose :)

That's not nice of them to say... But be yourself OP Show them the real you and stop trying to impress them... after all...Your finace chose YOU for a reason

oopsie..wasnt meant to reply to myself....

Her "finace" chose her? I wish my Finace would choose me. :(

That's pretty amusing. Play along, surely your fiancé should have a sense of humor.