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  Snow_Daisy  |  7

are we talkin about your hand being stuck...?or...say...your head? Elaborate please. (: lol Because I'm picturing your butt being stuck with your legs and arms flailing around outside the chute. Wait, don't elaborate. I like my mental image way better than knowing the actual situation!

  _swimcutie_  |  0

Yeah..that's what I was is the situation i'm picturing.
-he wakes up
-decides to throw his trash away
-loses his "lucky charm" (Oh No!)
-he jumps in after it ( ahhhhhhhhh, I'm gonna DIE!)
-(sudden silence) he is too fat to fall any further..
-it takes him 3 hours to get out..
and then flop he drops onto the ground
Lmao..anyways. My opinion.

  harmony88  |  0

Probably to retrieve the keys and wallet that she lost a few days ago.

(Yes, I realize it's not the same OP)