By AwwChute - 21/02/2010 01:53 - United States

Today, I got stuck in my apartment's garbage chute. FML
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crzyry 6

How did you.......oh riiight, Oregon...smh


hahaha wow... only in america will you find this type of stupidity :P

ZombieBunnies 0

it's ok. I heard garbage chutes are quite slimming and all the rave.

What were you doing in there?

JonathanG_fml 0

ha! FAIL!

honestlove11 0

haha! :) this is so funny. I love it.

are we talkin about your hand being stuck...?or...say...your head? Elaborate please. (: lol Because I'm picturing your butt being stuck with your legs and arms flailing around outside the chute. Wait, don't elaborate. I like my mental image way better than knowing the actual situation!

E1337ist 0


you just made my day:] I can picture your torso being stuck and your legs flailing around, ahahahah

How the hell can you get stuck in a garbadge shoot???? At least it wasn't a garbage compactor though!

taking dumpster diving to a whole new level

you give me the impression of a fat tard

advent2060 4

jus how da fuck did that happen?

gorillaz_fml 0

how the fuck did you get in there

how in the hell did you manage that mate? idiot.

Yeah..that's what I was is the situation i'm picturing. -he wakes up -decides to throw his trash away -loses his "lucky charm" (Oh No!) -he jumps in after it ( ahhhhhhhhh, I'm gonna DIE!) -(sudden silence) he is too fat to fall any further.. -it takes him 3 hours to get out.. and then flop he drops onto the ground (BOOM) Lmao..anyways. My opinion.

thats a pretty good guess

haha thanks=p

sounds like the OP should wear a helmet and water wings AT ALL TIMES

peacefullly 0

not all American are stupid...dumbass.

peacefullly 0

haha. I only laughed at your comment

pipp360 0

now what did you learn...,..

I'm not even gonna start asking lol

peacefullly 0

#114 lol my bad :P

ajrhockey5 0

I agree with 10.

epic failure

Trying to escape the Storm Troopers, obviously.

6- You just made my day!

hahaha wonderful image

crzyry 6

How did you.......oh riiight, Oregon...smh

randomguy76 14

Everything remotely strange always seems to happen in Oregon.

Sounds like the beginning of a porn video

009yp 0

why were u in the garbage chute?

ZombieBunnies 0

Perhaps the laundry chute was already taken.

^^^ amazing profile picture

DoorMatCat 3

OP's wait may not actually be relevant.

BrownSugar_fml 5

hehe I chuckled

lol! this is so funny. thanks for making me laugh, I am feeling so down at the moment

why the hell were you in the garbage chute?

Probably to retrieve the keys and wallet that she lost a few days ago. (Yes, I realize it's not the same OP)

tereshay 0

hey this person spelled chute right! lol

ZombieBunnies 0

I know. 'Tis awesomeness in it's rarest and raw form. Three cheers for OP! Huzzah! Huzzah! Huzzaahh!

Snickerdoodles will be proud!

BiH_Sinan 0

^^win picture.

dudeitsdanny 9

Were you trying to get your apartment and car keys back?

purplemnm 9


MadaZer0 8

Writting in CAPS will not make you a badass~

purplemnm 9

putting a cartoon as your profile pic doesn't make you awesome

ringmybell_fml 0

win ;)

it does if the pic is awesome enough

PurpleSquirrel 0


MadaZer0 8

Lol good one purple XD

MadaZer0 8

And for the last time people... That is not a cartoon!! T.T Cartoons < Anime

It's a cartoon.

mmastermetallica 0

Calvin and Hobbes >>> any anime

purplemnm 9

purplesquirrel your just mad coz you think I copied your stupid name.