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Today, I went to pick up my little brother from his friend's house. When I got there, he ran off screaming that he didn't know me. His friend's parents believed him. FML
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helpfulwhale 12

Then leave him there and see how long it takes for him to realize that his prank isn't the best idea when he can't get home.


euphoricness 28

My sister did that to me once. I ended getting in trouble with my parents because I couldn't pick her up and the friends parents called cops on me for a creeper. T^T KIDS!!!

Rainhawk94 27

Do you not look like your brother?

Not everyone looks exactly like their sibling

Rainhawk94 27
RedPillSucks 31

And OPs gender is not specified.

As the second oldest of 6, I can confirm that not all families look alike. All my sisters are the spitting image of each other, but my 2 brothers and I all look totally different from each other and our sisters. Assuming OP's brother isn't a half/step brother, the chances of them looking alike enough for another mother to recognize him/her as a trusted sibling is slim

Rainhawk94 27

No sibling looks exactly the same. I wasnt saying they were twins. I'm just saying there's always a resemblance, unless they're step siblings

Rainhawk - No, there is most certainly NOT always a resemblance. Sharing 25% of your genes does not guarantee that you will look anything like your siblings. Many siblings look nothing alike.

mansen 15

Rainhawk Fullblood siblings can look nothing alike. My friends used to think my older brother was my boyfriend when he came home to visit (8yrs older than me), which was just...horrifyingly creepy to me. My older sister used to be able to get away with telling her friends that I was adopted, simply because we didn't look alike. Genetics is funny in how they mix to create each individual from the same parents.

CubanBitchh 10

I have two half brothers, one on my mom's side and one on my dad's, and I look nothing like either. Plus, my friend and her brother have the same biological parents. My friend is the spitting image of her ginger father, and her brother looks exactly like his brunette mother. They look nothing alike.

My best friend has a brother only a year younger than her. She has brown hair, he's blonde. She has pale skin and freckles, and he's tan. The only thing they share is the same eye colour. People think her brother and I are siblings. Not all siblings look the same, making it easier for OP's sibling to get away with it.

I am an only child, and I look exactly like myself.

What a dick move by your brother. Next time you pick him up,say you dont know him when he enters your car.

That's brilliant! Why aren't more people like you on the streets?!? Oh wait. There all in jail. Idiot.

helpfulwhale 12

Then leave him there and see how long it takes for him to realize that his prank isn't the best idea when he can't get home.

Agreed. I would have left his ass and made him find his own way home. Oh... And just in case he goes crying to mom and dad--tell them first. Usually the person who tells first is found in favor of.

Exactly, that's what I would do. He will learn his lesson on why he shouldn't do that.

What you gotta do is leave him there, then tell him have fun getting home and drive off. If his friend's parents drive him home, answer the door, tell them you don't know him and slam the door on his face.

This is why you shouldn't drive a white van with "free candy" painted on the sides.

The vans are for children, Noor. We all know you try to pick up old geezers like perdix. What do you have painted on your Camry's sides?

perdix 29

I've been known to chase vehicles bearing "Free Viagra" signs. Hint, hint...

This entire thread has made me nauseated.

perdix 29

#31, good thing I didn't mention what I'd do for a High-Fiber Klondike Bar;)

After all this time you'd think I would've learned not to eat just before reading the comment section.

Noor will just have to use different phrases to lure in the older fellows. Come now, Doc. Even I know you'd be dashing after that Camry if it had "free prostate exam" painted on its side.

perdix 29

#39, really, free? No co-pay? I hear those can be quite pleasurable. I'm still looking for a hot lady urologist with nine long fingernails.

crazytwinsmom 25

There's high fiber Klondike bars now?! Great!

what a lil stinker!! I can't believe the parents of his friend didn't believe u.

if they've never met op then it's reasonable because they're in charge of his safety

kimmpwns 8

Little kids are trolls nowadays. Get used to it.

I'm pretty sure it's not just nowadays, I would have done that if I had the brains to think of that.

Yeah, I'm guessing there's not a lot that could be done, but one would think the parents would know the name of the person who is picking up their child's friend, even if they've never met the parents. Granted, when I was a kid parents had to meet before I would have been allowed to go to the house, so.

StompinOnCrayons 15

Well, this is typical of the average annoying little fml children

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you got some halloween mask on? d play time not yet over, u showed up too early, so hes better off playing than recognizing u