By skyphoenix - 12/08/2010 09:03 - United States

Today, I went on a trip with some people from work to watch a baseball game. Halfway through the game, one of my managers shook my hand and said "Nice to Meet You." I've been working there for 3 months. FML
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chocolatedrop 0

its only 3 months. ur probably still considered new

lizard93309 0

Act like you are new and impress him with how much you already know!


hitting him won't do anything.... I guess it will make him remember you.

YDI for posting a stupid fml that doesn't even effect your life

Arrogance_fml 0

Stop being a pussy and make a statement. Life isn't going to be easy unless you take control of it. YDI for staying in the background.

spacerockerr37 0

maybe be a little more social?

lost12 0

hahahaha the expendables is a badass movie everyone should watch!!!!!

KrystalCaliyah 0

ikinda agree but then again; its not really much of a fml..

Averizzle 0

Ya really so? I know fmls are everyday screw ups but this doesn't even remotely suck.. and ya expendables pwns everyone should watch. immediately

samantha987 0

that's awkward... OP you should make yourself more noticible. it's time to start sucking up to your boss (:

hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahaha thats sooooo funnny! i literilly L0Ld!!!!!!! hehehahahoho!!!!!! xDDDDDDDDD

the_flirtt 0

got to be louder in the office :)


give him surprise butt secks.. then he'll remember you!!


ydi for expecting the manager to make knowing every little unimportant workers name without making yourself known to him

Brittney_E 0

umm....3 months isn't even that long. its no fml, unless you talk to him often.

iSitt 0

our grandparents generation learned if they just did what they were told they'd be successful and have a job for life. thats not true anymore. now you gotta make yourself notice just to survive.

3 months isn't a long time.. you are still kinda new.

bigblue95 0

its only been 3 months. u probably arent that important yet.

sourgirl101 28

Sometimes it's harder to tell who's who when they see you in different attire. I'm sure you dress more formal at work. Me? I wear a halter top, shorts and face paint at a ball game. Easy mistake for anyone to not tell who I am.

zach55 0

shouldve said "nice to meet you to!" with this kinda smile :D

zach55 0

#129 your name is the same exact thing my best friend calls a black guy named rafi...

tweetbaby14 18

131- the fact that the guy was black was irrelevant; unless you're racist. and OP so? why do you think we care? not everyone looks the same outside of a formal/ professional setting. I mean people I have gone to school with for a while say I look hotter outside of school. it's because certain things you just don't wear at work/school. dur.

zach55 0

I'm not racist. .........yeah yeah that's right I'm NOT racist (hahhaa) O_o lol jk

zach55 0

I mean I'm just kidding about being sarcasticly racist.

Just because he said nice to meet you doesn't mean he hasn't noticed you -_- he could of just never talked to. you some people are like that I bet you felt dry and crispy

I can't see this as a fml, 3months ain't that long and some managers have a lot on there minds, so not everyone can.remember all the faces. This does occurred vary depending on size of company and employer base.

Maybe you should make a bigger impression?

mebecatie 0

yeah that's prolly a sign that u shud make an effort to b better than more ppl if u want them to know who u r. it cud b worse Op. he cud knw who u r and totally despise u and u get fired. but yeah that sux fyl

15- Probably* You* Should* Be* People* You* Are* Could* Be* Could* Know* You* Are* You* You* Sucks* Wow that took forever. Spell things right next time.

88- How do you know he's copying another persons personality? Maybe that's already his, and the name was a joke. Why don't you just let the real Intoxicunt handle it.

this really isn't an fml, what does it matter if someone doesn't know you or not...stop whining!

83: shut up and leave 15 alone.. who really cares how other people wana type.. its not your problem.. you my friend have no life.. stop being a smart ass.

zach55 0

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Anaxes 5

83: Shut up and leave 15 alone. Who really cares how other people want to type. Its not your problem. You my friend, have no life. Stop being a smart ass. I fixed your wrongness, you can thank me later. By the way, you could shut up and leave 83 alone, that incoherent jumble of letters needed fixing anyway.

143: I hate people like you. Do you feel special because your trying to prove to teenagers that you can spell and punctuate correctly.. Aww.. gold star for you.

Yes. Spelling and punctuation no longer matter. Logic fail.

seviluvsu 0

ahaha it looks like u couldn't do something important to b remebered. FYL for not ever being noticed

Maybe you should step up and make a bigger splash!

Perhaps take a post-burrito dump onto the boss's pants from a great height?

Granddragon 0

YDI for not making an impression after three months.

Should've reminded you've been there 3 months. how many times had you actually met--as in been introduced? If that was the 1st time this isn't an FML at all.

that's your own fault- you should make yourself known! make an impression! you'll never rise up in the company if you don't make yourself and your work known.