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Today, while I was cutting myself some watermelon, my mom walked in. I could tell she hadn't taken her medication in a while because she freaked out, grabbed the knife, and burst into tears before yelling at me, saying I could have cut myself and bled out. FML
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I'm the second to comment suck it everyone! also did u eat the watermelon still?

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I think it's easy to understand why your name is talking toilet when you're leaving shitty comments like that.

I think it's easy to understand why your name is Mr sassypants when you're leaving sassy comments like that.

Oh hell no, I'm out of here! Peace, sucka!

Did you not read the FML? She didn't take her medication.

Sounds like a difficult condition which your mom is diagnosed with

No more watermelons! I hope your mother gets better soon and takes her meds. Then all the watermelon you can eat.

I think you should be careful with knifes around your mom from now on.

Well if you still want some watermelon maybe ask her to cut it for you, less work and you get watermelon!