By ScarredEars - 12/08/2010 12:02 - United States

Today, I heard my parents having sex. It wouldn't have been so bad if we weren't in the same hotel room. They thought I was asleep. FML
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thriceforme 3


you should have started farting, nothing kills the mood like a wet fart.


thriceforme 3


you should have been like. " I hear u, sounds like me and my girls last night" and video their reaction

ydi for not telling them...perv!

parents of the year right there

Brittney_E 0

i would've said something when they finished. the look on their face's, priceless.

rockediny 0


fatguy805 0

lol u should have like coughed loudly as if u were barely waking up

Next time just stand up as if you are going to the bathroom or something Or just ask them to stop.... awkward

Kudos to your dad for gettin some.

shit sorry rockediny didn't notice your comment!! I'll try something else... video?

that's just.... eck ):

haha coolest parents!!

the_flirtt 0

ur parents could of gone to the bathroom geesh

you shouldve done something to ruin the moment... like pretended to talk in your sleep or farted really loudly

did you have a video camera?

Totally agree with at #58

same thing happened to me once op it sucks

lmaourlifeismess 0

ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwww wth ew u were in the same freaking room ew

LosAngelesSon 8

stupid! dont stop them in the middle possibly seeing your parents naked and risking them thinking your a perve for "listening" even tho you werent.

iSitt 0

why didn't you record it and use it for blackmail ?

fake like all fmls these days. too unrealistic

No 96...not too unrealistic. I had sex with my bf when my 12 year old sister was asleep on the floor. Just really horny I guess..

100 he's number 97, and lmao at your comment haha, I had sex with a girl while my little sister was asleep next to about horny!

awesomeness1004 3

maybe your sister was really awake too. she probely would have said " today, I had to listen to my sister and her bf haveing sex while they thought I was asleep. fml"

awesomeness1004 3

my comment goes to 100

108 my comment goes to you're mom...suck my mutated dick!

bigblue95 0

only one thing to do in this situation... ********** furiously

samantha987 0

ahhhh that's so wrong.

i agree with ewww.. I would be scarred for life. fyl.

awesomeness1004 3

good idea 126. I should yell when mine do that.

Raleigh_bruh 7

Commenting bug is so lame.. :/ #111 - Your comment reminds of the Dane Cook joke about him masturbating so furiously he thought he was going to turn into a werewolf. Funny stuff.

You did the right thing when you pretended to be asleep OP. If you hadn't then they would probably had grounded you :[ Or worse... slap you for disturbing them from coming. >_<

o0Semper0Fi0o 0

I bet ur moms ****** must've been very uncomfortable to hear

lidemocr 0

that's disgusting.

you could have jumped up and down on their bed and made the night awkward for everyone!

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oboewhore_xD 6

You should have pretended to have an ****** in your sleep and started yelling your dad/mom's name. xD

jakymoon 0

why didn't u record it and jerk off to it later if ur a guy or finger your self that works to???

pics or it didnt happen...

quent10 0

it's funny because your parents were getting nice and moist woth you in the room

lol at the fact they took the chance I bet you were dry and crispy


I bet u didn't fall asleep the whole night!!

casi2552 0

you are cute

Once theyreally get into it jump out of bed and say god is watching

dude? I've had sex with my 3 yr old sister in the room while she was awake? I mean rele not that bad so hush it

138 - Repeating a stand-up comedian's joke is very rarely funny. Dane Cook is never funny.

that is just disgusting.... why did you not get a suite with two in-closed bedrooms... or you could have gotten your own room.

englishhottiexx 0

I've had that happen before exept they were in the room next to me and we have very thin walls.

thts not even Funny

tk1235 0


so u would've said something? I know damn well I wouldn't not to be a perv just because it's awkward -.-

that's so ******* dirty

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55 it's cum retard.

sourgirl101 28

Both terms are correct.

JonathanRawr 0

I would've said 'cum' for men and 'come' for women..

sourgirl101 28

Nope it's one of those grey/gray- colour/color things. Both are correct. I've always said "come".

55 was correct to say "come". You think you're so clever because you know the incorrect spelling of the word which is the common way of spelling it. "Cum" is derived from the word "come". The spelling that is..

We_Li_Ve_Fr_Ee 0

Wait... Are you saying cum came from come? Haha.

Brittney_E 0

haha. niceee :D

zach55 0

FUCK cumming/coming. jizzing is the thing

MhP_fml 0

come/cum is just slang for orgasming lol..idiots

oarisimo 4

172 that's not even what the argument is about, genius...


#172-FAIL the argument was about the spelling of the word, not the meaning of it! lol

be happy maybe u just heard ur new bro or sis being created...good dinner convo lol

I've been in the same boat

JayJayAttackAtta 5

me too. it scarrs you for life....

This has happened to me many times. The last time I knew I'd be caught in this situation, I slept on the floor with my headphones on blasting, to make sure I'd block everything else out lol

That's disturbing!! I woulda got up n left!!

Quest_ 13

So. Did you jerk off?

Ahh haha!

Quest_ 13

iPods were actually invented so you don't have to overhear your parents ******* in the next bed? Steve Jobs must have had a remarkable childhood.

twinny_sc 13

I was completely unaware ipods were invented to keep out the sounds of your parents having sex. Learn something new everyday.

16 shut up...just because sex is natural doesn't mean it isn't awkward for the child. most people wouldn't want their parents having sex in the same room as them. I know I wouldn't and I don't think I know anyone that would. just because your parents having sex would turn you on, doesn't mean you can expect everyone else to like it. and as for your iPod comment. OP moving to get their iPod would have alerted the parents, causing them to stop and making things even more awkward. At that point, getting the iPod wouldn't really be needed. and this is all assuming that OP even had an iPod available at the time. I have plenty more to bitch at you about, but I'm just using this comment vent out some anger I have at my brother right now. I don't care if this gets moderated, and I don't care if people get mad at me. I feel better, and that's all that matters. XD

bobys36 0

you feel make yourself feel better by typing angery comments to people you don't know and words won't even gave an affect on?wow that's pathetic

PurttyGurlSwaqq 0

haha wow

fylorydi1994 0

I loled at your comment so hard :))))

83 that didn't make much sense :) anyway, it's not like I always do this. I was really pissed off and just so happened to see his ignorant comment. soo I started typing and realized it was making me less mad. once I was happy again, I was trying to decide if I should post the comment or not. I decided I typed too much and shouldn't let it go to waste so I added the third part, lol. I don't blame you for calling me pathetic, I should have given an explanation for my actions :p

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the_flirtt 0

wow. 10

So. There definitely is a fine line between sarcasm and taking things a little too far. However, if you were being serious.. wtf is wrong with you?

Quest_ 13

So many things.

Inquiring minds want to know!

you should have started farting, nothing kills the mood like a wet fart.

How would I produce a fart when I am not gassy? Damn gas.. only comes when it's not wanted.

Heehee, you said "come"!

RedPillSucks 31

could have been worse. You could have all been sleeping on the same bed.

Oh my god, Sesshomaru!!!!!!!!

why...why would you go there?? LOL

I_have_no_clue 0

Good luck getting THAT out of your head *shudders*

OMFG I love your pic! The Gentlemen!!!

pachecogirl 0

how do you put your pic on your profile??

You have to go to the website.

headphones. try hearing your friends parents when you're spending the night. and they're your teachers..

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oh snap! 