By Anonymous - 16/11/2010 19:17 - Israel

Today, was my first day at school. I got kicked out of the class for imitating a monkey. I wasn't imitating a monkey... I was laughing. FML
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Haha want some bananas?

You should have flung poo at the teacher as you left the classroom. Now that's imitating a monkey.


Haha want some bananas?

fakeaccountX 6

There are millions of worse things they could think you're imitating.

^ "Are you orgasming in my class?" hoo hoo ha ha! 

kids in my band class get kicked out for ****** noises at the end of songs. soo cashhh

dwyanewade21 0

you're an idiot

bananas are yummy

darlinqqbella 0

haha (; sucks for you.

the_flirtt 0

atleast you don't laugh like a pig.

could have been worst, you could of got kicked out for laughing like a donkey...

flirt, you should get a new dp...

If I were you I would have gone ape shit instead.

At least they didn't think you were imitating a Palestinian.

your pretty 87

moderated huh. I didn't know stating reality was frowned upon.

131 - you should see what they do if you try to ride the dog like a horsy

LOLatU87 0

please explain, I'm not from around here.

What do you people even say?

luvyah 0

lol I have Noooo ideah

ydi for bein a jew

Stop playing with that banana Joseph!

I wish my school started in nivember

Tikwichka 5

I think it is more likely that OP had moved schools. The Israeli academic calendar is September to June or July.

dudeitsdanny 9

Also, all FMLs start with "today." Most probably don't happen when they're posted

xXDubbleChic 11

OR more likely he moved!

YDI for masturbating in class and trying to cover it up with laughter.

this is an example of a FAILED reply. FYL idiot.

Cool it, MaCOOLiT. *Waves hand* This isn't the comment you're looking for. Your comment describes itself, not 7.

FootballFreak4 3

MaCOOLIT-0 Boopity-1

Lmao you only got kicked out of class and its a good story to tell. cheer up old chap.

IWABO is terible

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Obviously the teacher saw that you were imitating a laughing monkey. Which, actually, isn't easy, so be proud of yourself.

amayaa_fml 7

Ahahahha wow. get a new one?

A new school? New teacher? New monkey? New laugh? Your response is inadequate.

LOLatU87 0

ahh yes but her picture is adequate

But her butt is not...

a new school

How did the reply fail?

Ironically, you failed to hit "reply."

Let it go, boops. There's no convincing this one.