By Anonymous - 16/11/2010 17:09 - United States

Today, I was on the phone with my mother. She asked me if I was going to make it to Christmas at home. I told her that I would try and make it home since it would be my grandma's last Christmas alive. To my luck, grandma was sitting in the car with my mother, and speaker phone was in use. FML
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YDI. There's some things you should keep to yourself. I doubt your mom appreciated it any more than your grandma did.

I guess you can kiss that inheritance goodbye, sucker.


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why the sadface? Christmas is a happy occasion!! xD

Does your grandma have cancer? bahuhuhu

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you're beautiful!

It's okay she probably won't live long enough to make you regret it =]

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noooot cool, sorry OP

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all your fault... tisk tisk

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how is it her fault?! it's her mom's fault for using the speakerphone

well u should be with ur fam on christmas without question!

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Too your luck?

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Ah, it's fixed and now I look idiotic. -_-

Yes... Yes you do

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Well, I can live with that.

awww I'm sorry. and im sorry she heard that.

YDI. There's some things you should keep to yourself. I doubt your mom appreciated it any more than your grandma did.

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She doesnt deserve it, since her mother didnt tell her that her grandma was in the car then she would assume that she was alone, there was no way she knew so she doesnt deserve it

She absolutely deserves it. Why would you say something that rude to your mother about her mother (in-law)? As #7 said some things should be kept to yourself.

Yeah, I can see the mom being upset if they planned on killing her because now the plans are spoiled. Grandma was probably in the car thinking, "Wtf? I'm only 65." Let's just hope granny has a sense of humor come this Christmas.

I am not advocating any over-reaction on anyone's part. What good is family if you can't insult them every now and again? But if you are going to say dumb or rude things about a person, you can't exactly cry if they overhear. Has OP never watched a sitcom?

But if it was common talk, it wouldn't be an FML. At least, that was my way of thinking when I read it.

Maybe OP's grandma is ill and they know she won't make it. I doubt OP said it in a mocking manner, but probably intended it to relay her desire to spend as much time with her as she could.

I guess you can kiss that inheritance goodbye, sucker.

Not if they act quick. Get to grams before she can change her will. You know what must be done, OP. Move your visit up to Thanksgiving.

Yes... Foe is right. We will have to infiltrate her dreams. I'll gather a team of specialized experts, then we'll sedate your grandmother with classical music, and a comfortable rocking chair. Then, we make our move. *BBAAAMMMM*

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the hamburgler is right^

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I thought that was a ninja turtle xD lmaoo

Haha, fail :)

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If your grandmother is about to die she is probably senile or something and probably way too old to even remember what you said. But you probably pissed off your mom, which you deserve.