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Today, I started my first teaching job ever. As I was teaching, another teacher interrupted my class about 5 times because she thought it was her class. Not only did she ruin my confidence, her behavior caused my students to laugh at me. FML
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  PIGaming  |  21

How to exert power 101
> Bake cookies
> Bring to class
> Sit down at desk with an apple (for aesthetics)
> Eat them all whilst staring into each individual child's soul in complete silence
> When finished all cookies proclaim "This is my swamp"
> Get back to teaching pretending nothing ever happened

  ItsFeztho  |  13

That's what I wanna know! I know that sometimes, when teachers are new, some schools have another, more experienced teacher help the new one out, but the way OP's if this is the case then wtf's wrong with the other one!?