By full moon / Thursday 8 September 2016 02:37 / Canada - Ottawa
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  rldostie  |  19

Maybe underwear lines would've been more inappropriate, in her/his opinion. Sometimes you have to go commando with certain pants. And yes, you could wear a thong but not everyone likes them or finds them a comfortable alternative.

By  InfiniteSunshine  |  32

YDI, you're a teacher and a professional. Why would you think it'd be appropriate to wear no underwear to your job? You're often moving around, you should be prepared in case something happens. Seriously though, even as a student, my teachers used to tell us that school was a place of business, which is why you needed to dress appropriately.
I want to know what grade you teach, because depending on that, it becomes much worse. If you teach elementary or middle school/junior high, I find this especially inappropriate.

  midnightm16  |  24

Exactly. They tell the students to dress appropriately while the teachers don't. I've known plenty of teachers who think that they can break the dress code.

  kbecks87  |  16

I think that your comment is super judgmental and a little sexist. No one plans for their pants to rip. And the type of undies people wear, or not, is no one business.

  AverageAvarice  |  23

#53 Kinda disagree, in a professional setting one should wear the proper outer and undergarments. For instance I wear scrubs a lot and when I work and I go into OR I wear cotton underwear. Going commando in this kind of situation is absolutely unprofessional and unhygienic regardless of sex. Teaching is also one of those professions where appearance should be neat and not distracting; so underwear, or lack there of, shouldn't draw attention.

  nirosodapop  |  7

Only thing I gotta say is how would anyone know other than if ripped pants or telling someone? it doesn't have anything to do with appearance. It isn't a bra where nipples are pointing through a short so you notice it, and if professional as a reason, no one should ever go commando because of work. Personally I find commando uncomfortable but still.

  rldostie  |  19

How is going commando unprofessional? As long as you're wearing pants, no one is going to know. And if she had been wearing a thong/g-string, that would've been more appropriate? What people wear as undergarments are their own business and does not reflect on their professionalism, as long as pants are being worn. For all we know, the president goes commando and no one is going to say that his state of underwear makes him unprofessional.

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