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  venusvsmars  |  2

Well, honestly it's very irritating to sit next to someone who laughs overly loud (really, volume of laughter is controllable) and not be able to hear the comedian.

  MrsDruidess  |  23

OP here, I didnt have an account when I posted this. Kind surprised me when it popped up in my random reads. It was actually my friend that was laughing too much. She had a few to drink and was laughing at almost every line, and the whooping was way too much. Anyway we had gotten free tickets from the main act since he was a friend of hers but only got through the 1st guy before they asked us to leave. But on the plus side, they offered to refund our money so we took it! After drinks we made $60!

  jizzwold  |  21

Sammiller your picture is bugging me. That person does not exist. To even want that out of another person is selfish. That is all, continue with your lols and lmaos.

  ShroomsOnAcid  |  16

54/66, I find the picture itself annoying as well, but perhaps not for the same reason. While I do agree that if someone is just to expect these things out of their s/o it could be seen as selfish or naive, but what it's really saying is "I want someone to love me." When you're really in love with someone all those things and more will just come naturally without having to think about it and without the need for the other person to demand them. Guys like that most certainly do exist, but it usually becomes more apparent with age.

  DynamicDave  |  11

I am a man and I actually do all those things. When you are truly in love you would do anything for that person and so I honestly feel she deserves to be treated like that.

Granted, I do get tired of reading that all over the Internet so I dislike the picture too, but it's wrong to say that person doesn't exist.

  HaleyXx_fml  |  11

FYI... I meant it to be humorous (which I'm not too good at) I know he got kicked out cause of laughig to much. Hence,the reason I said that it seemed as though the people found it offensive o.o

  Susieee_Q  |  9

Haley, I don't think your comment deserved to be thumbed down. I knew you were joking and knew you didn't actually believe the people at the comedy club thought OP was being offensive. This thumbing feature makes FML users take everything so seriously. Lighten up, guys. Seriously. It's just the Internet.

With that being said, I await the same fate. Thumb away, you powerful cybernauts.