By swana99 - 04/09/2013 20:39 - United States - Woburn

Today, I went to my first class of the year. The first thing the teacher said was, "I hate this f*cking school." FML
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Maybe she's trying a new method to get in students heads

Is he/she a Maths teacher? They have a lot of problems.


what did you do to make her hate it?

Stole her phone?

Maybe the teacher was still hungover from Labor Day Weekend? Huge possibility!

Or maybe the teacher just wants to get their ass fired from school for using inappropriate language like that IN school grounds and in front of their students :/

If its a university, it's perfectly acceptable for a professor to curse. :)

Our middle school teachers used to cuss us out.

Maybe she's trying a new method to get in students heads

Correct. It is in the nature for students to rebel, so maybe they'll say "I love school!" Teachers are always more cunning than we take them for.

Or maybe she'd choking with hatred and wants to burn down the school :D

then bravo to the teacher lol

More like fuck the teacher's life.

I'm guessing the students fucking hate it too. That's how it works at my school

Sounds like the classroom is going to be full of joy!

Right! I say congrats OP on your new "Fuck work let's play games & text" class

I wish my teachers hated it as much as i do

Hate it or not, doing well is a key component to a productive and enriching life. School is always that one thing that most of us take for granted. I hate it.

Are you guys going to get along great then? I would get along with mine if my teacher said that.

Is he/she a Maths teacher? They have a lot of problems.

Don't even get me started on my horrible maths teacher!

Seriously. Like math please stop trying to find your ex, she's never coming back.

My math teachers all had really divided personalities.

I only had 2 good Math teachers in High School

33-- so half of your math teachers taught well.

My math teacher assigned a big essay within the first period i had with her.

Out of the 4 math teachers back in high school, I had 3 really great ones (including one that i still text regularly) and one that i had to switch out of her class because she was badmouthing me to other students in her other classes. Soo I'd say math teachers are always on extremes, really great or really shitty.

I hope that doesn't influence you too much.. So what if he/she does??

Well, that means you will have her support and, probably, shoulder to cry on later when the school disappoints you.

Well at least he or she doesn't sugar coat. Maybe she/ he was having a rough morning

I like your teacher!