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Today, I was supposed to go on a date with a guy who lives on the same floor as me in my apartment complex. I got stood up. Instead I got to listen to him doing the girl who lives next door to me. FML
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be glad it wasn't you ending up in bed with a player!


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18, that is really insensitive but also feckin comedy gold

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You can go on a date with me! I won't stand you up :)

I don't even know why people left negative comments this comment was actually sweet. I'm sure they didn't REALLY mean it. Come on now.

Wow, that's really sad! I bet you were so pissed off!

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Yeah at first I was, just because I had hung out with the guy a couple times and he seemed like a sweetheart, but I underestimated the gravitational pull of my neighbors ******

#3, you should have your own FML: Today, I am lame. FML. Douche.

You should too! Today, I am an ass, FML.

YOU, ARE, AN, ASSSS!! +1 for anyone who gets that reference.

Agreed, it should read: today I realized how lame I actually am when I attempted to ask a stranger out on the FML site.

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this made me laugh more than the fml

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Agreed with #6. Though, it should be, "Today, I am an ass. I have to shove a stick up my ass now. FML."

be glad it wasn't you ending up in bed with a player!

Maybe all OP wanted was ending up in bed with someone...

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Then it wouldn't have been an FML. She could have just waited until he was finished. I'm sure he wouldn't have minded a double header.

You should tell him you want to reschedule the date and then stand him up... and then do the guy that lives next door to him. Sorry if this is confusing to read at all. Basically: Do the guy that lives next door to him.

Maybe OP doesn't want to have sex with random people. It is also a pretty lame way of getting revenge, the guy probably doesn't care at all.

Never gonna let you down Never gonna run around and desert you

Never gonna make you cry Never gonna say goodbye Never gonna tell a lie and hurt you

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Oh, ****! We've been Rick-rolled!!!

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Well, if you had let it be known to him that there would be something special at the end of the date......

spread your leggs sooner and wider next time. be more slutty, and cook for him. you will be more happy and fulfilled. and you will bet. every mans dreamgirl

I prefer to get something out of a relationship, rather than just use someone for sex and meals. Plus, most of the girls I know, don't even cook. My dream girl, whom I've already met, is my perfect equal.

i agree, definitely spread ur legs sooner! early bird gets the worm!