By LennyComa - 19/03/2017 00:00

Today, I was punched in the balls by a monkey. FML
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Probably thought you had a banana in your pocket.

It was named Caesar wasn't it? Oh god's starting!


It was named Caesar wasn't it? Oh god's starting!

Hmm, now may be the time to conduct a "Sandler test" as it's known by the medical community. It's basically a quick test anybody can perform to see if they're in an Adam Sandler film. Everybody above the age of 12 should do periodical Sandler tests.

That sounds like itd be a great story to tell your ki.. oops maybe not. jk jk. still tho be a nice way to break the ice in the future.

That's a very smart money who knows how to grab the nuts

Owww! That hurts no matter who does it!

OP Here, I work in Africa and I was cooling down under a tree in the middle of the bush. The monkey appeared and started making noises that can only be described as "monkey noises". After maybe 10 or so seconds it lunged at me and as I tried to move out the way I got a monkey fist to the testicles, then it scarpered up the tree I was (at this point) kneeling under.