By bruisedandconfused - 12/02/2019 12:25 - United States - Aberdeen

Today, two days after sending her flowers for Valentine's Day, my dream girl asked me on a date. She didn't show up. Her boyfriend did though. FML
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thatkidmal 15

Well then, that's quite a plot twist

Didnt you already know she was dating someone?


thatkidmal 15

Well then, that's quite a plot twist

Plot Twist: OP and her boyfriend have a nice dinner together, and become best friends.

cryssycakesx3 22

"plot twist" is getting down there with "that escalated quickly"

#4, the OP's name "bruisedandconfused" seem like it would contradict your idea

Not contradict...they would just be more than friends and the op's name is alluding to his first gay sexual experience.

RedPillSucks 31

@42 are you saying he was rectally bruised???

No #75, she is saying he got bruised out of nowhere because they had gay sex

DaMann360 19

OP shouldve looked him dead in the eyes, smiled and started singing "My Nigga" by YG. Dont forget to outstretch your arms and nod like a boss

TallMist 32

A twist worthy of M. Night Shyamalan.

Didnt you already know she was dating someone?

jazzy_123 20

maybe she lied to him? my cousin was talking to a guy who said he had broken up with his gf and just recently he told her they were going to make 6 months... I guess he didn't realize? Anyway, she stopped talking to him after.

Not everyone likes to have their relationship on display. However, this "dream girl" has shown her true colors. She is a terrible human being.

For all we know the op is a creepy perv. So she might not be entirely terrible. She really did not handle that well though.

He never specified how she asked him, maybe it was the boyfriend sending an email/text and she didn't know.

Not really #21, for all we know it could have been a Facebook message sent by the boyfriend without the girls acknowledgment of the situation. Let's hope OP didn't know she had a boyfriend otherwise he shouldn't have sent her anything

cryssycakesx3 22

although it probably is so in this case, however, flowers don't have to be a romantic thing. sometimes it's just friendly. again, although I'm sure it was his intention.

buttcramp 21

but if she asked him, this is ****** up. actually, any way I look at it it's pretty rude.

Thats rough >_< im sorry op it really sucks i had the same thing happen to me except the guy i asked out and the girl showed up... awkward..

ThatFancyPenn 18

I would suggest making your profile gender female for a bit less confusion.

nitrog100 21

I think the fact that she's zeldagirl77 might be clear enough.

It wont let me change it because I have a windows phone :/


^I ALSO HAVE A WINDOWS PHONE. WINDOWS PHONE BUDDIES! ...In all seriousness the app is terrible.

that's messed up to get your hopes up like that! Forget her, you'll find someone.

She's shown her true colours....that's quite calculated, plotting to hurt and embarrass someone like that. I do hope you're ok! But next time, choose a nicer girl to be your Valentine - and one that's unattached!

cryssycakesx3 22

it's very annoying when girls have to play these games and toy around with a guy that they know likes them. what's wrong with saying "sorry 'Johnny' I'm seeing someone"? treating another human being like this, for your own amusement is sick, not cute nor funny. broads these days are so disgusting, they make me ashamed they're included in my own gender. these vapid little girls are the same ones that whine about wanting a honest, decent guy. well news flash funny! guys are the way they are because of childish, insipid, little ***** like her.

cryssycakesx3 22

I'm sorry OP. I doubt you, or anyone really, deserved such a cruel prank. sometimes when we have a crush on someone we fail to see that person's true character. you'll find someone much better, as they don't get much worse.

RedPillSucks 31

or the boyfriend could have intercepted the flowers and sent a message to OP pretending to be the girl.

cryssycakesx3 22

then change my she's and hers to he's, him's, and his

If she's your dream girl, you probably already knew she had a boyfriend. You shouldn't be sending flowers to a girl with a boyfriend

You shouldn't assume that OP is some creepy stalker who knows everything about his "dream girl". He could be one of those people who observe and admire from afar.

I have to agree with carrot, she was his dream girl, you always try to found out things about them, and if he had the guts to send her flower he wasn't just watching from the distance

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Your uncle's first date, he knew her, by what you say it doesn't apply to OP because he didn't knew her enough to know she had a bf, he still should look for some info before he sent flowers

amayasoma 19

Or maybe the girl lied or hid the fact she had a boyfriend just to play mind games.

It could just be a women in the office, you know, someone that's just around all the time but you've perhaps never had longer than 10 minutes conversations over coffee.

to be fair SHE asked HIM on a date so if she was dating someone, it isn't just OP's fault, it's hers. she should not have asked him out and instead told him "thank you for these lovely flowers but I have a boyfriend." sometimes people don't just display their relationship all over the place. and so he might not have known she was seeing someone.

andreworrnot 5

I bought my crush yellow roses...they represent friendship....I friendzoned myself.

This would make a really good FML.Just saying.

I'd have loved roses of any colour, no one has ever bought me flowers. She must've just wanted to make an excuse, sorry. :(

YDI, every idiot knows red roses for romance.

This post was submitted as an FML several times yesterday

She could have just told you that she was taken instead of wasting yours and her bf time. What a bitch.

Wow. The fact that SHE asked you out then made her boyfriend show up instead is terrible. Hope he wasn't too mad at you. FYL.

OP's screenname is bruisedandconfused, so I'm thinking the BF was pretty mad. And bigger.

There's a chance that the boyfriend found out about the date and just showed up earlier then she did. Still make she a bitch in either case.

Plot twist: he is is the same position as you.

ThatFancyPenn 18

I really hope this is true just for the pure mind **** of it.