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Today, I sent the girl I like flowers, only to have her later post a picture of them online, saying, "Ha! When losers send you flowers." FML
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I can't believe some people actually act like that.

No kidding. I wish a guy would send me flowers :(

This FML made me cringe, I'm sorry OP and I hope you find someone more appreciative.

comment that you asked her to give them to another girl, not her

daisylokes 16

she sounds like an ungrateful b----. At least her true colors have been revealed though.

agreed. Maybe she ment for you to see it. joke with it and say something like "yeah but an awesome loser". if you get a bad response or no response from that, then she probably is a bitch and a waste of your time.

mwali02 32

Please don't make jokes like this to anyone. Ever. Only you and your other mean friends would be laughing. There are classier ways to express disappointment. You deserve better OP.

Forgettabout her. You deserve someone better.

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Everyone's is giving your comment a thumbs down. But I'm certain bit true

Ted_brosby 4

Well, we all know she's certainly not going to get a boyfriend with that attitude. Don't waste your time, OP.

Yodamine34 16

Yes she will, she'll be rolling in douchebags.

Rudeness like that is why romantic gestures are becoming less common. Sorry you had to go through that, OP.

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Well at least u tried better luck next time!! Hopefully u find a girl that appreciates flowers!!

Smeedz 8

She's lucky a gentleman even bought her flowers with that salty ass attitude.

Woller19 8

That's when you comment "I send flowers to bitches, bitches love flowers."