By zevil / Tuesday 18 November 2008 16:54 / Peru
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By  intensify  |  0

I feel bad for you because that's a shitty situation, but at the same time at least you found out early that she's a whore-bag. SEriously that is f-ed up nobody deserves to be treated like that.

By  will90  |  5

All these guys crying STD STD are just lonely, and sad they never get any. You'd rather one of those insane religious chicks that wants to "wait til marriage"? Didn't think so.

  thatonek1d  |  0

that last comment was for number 11
ps I'm agnostic and I am waiting till marriage and I'm a dude goin thru puberty so I'm horny as fuck and I do have a gf.
11 ur being like that Hitler fucker. anti religious bastard.

  PoeSlayer  |  0

there's nothing wring with waiting till marriage. thats what my girlfriend and I are doing and we're both virgins. I'd much prefer that to a girl that has slept with so many guys sex means nothing to her anymore

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