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I feel bad for you because that's a shitty situation, but at the same time at least you found out early that she's a whore-bag. SEriously that is f-ed up nobody deserves to be treated like that.


that last comment was for number 11 ps I'm agnostic and I am waiting till marriage and I'm a dude goin thru puberty so I'm horny as fuck and I do have a gf. 11 ur being like that Hitler fucker. anti religious bastard.


there's nothing wring with waiting till marriage. thats what my girlfriend and I are doing and we're both virgins. I'd much prefer that to a girl that has slept with so many guys sex means nothing to her anymore


Nothing wrong with waiting so long as you find someone willing to wait too; and by the looks of it^^^^ I guess it's more often than I thought

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