By kids - 12/05/2014 05:17

Today, my daughter was scared to go to the bathroom because she thought there was a person behind the shower curtain. There actually was a person behind the shower curtain. FML
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What do we want? a follow-up! When do we want it? Now!

larrena2377 26

That's why I always check! I've been pranked one too many times like that


larrena2377 26

That's why I always check! I've been pranked one too many times like that

Psycho taught me well, ALWAYS check behind the curtain!

People always call me paranoid. Well I am but I have my reasons!

If people leave their shower curtains open, they wouldn't have to check behind it. They would have a full view as soon as they enter the bathroom. That's what I do.

The creases in the curtain when it's open can cause it to mold, so I try to keep mine closed.

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obtrice, the victim was behind the curtain in psycho

26 - psycho had taught me to have someone else check the shower curtain.

jrn 14

I was gonna say the same thing

incoherentrmblr 21

Grizzly Adams did have a beard...

Most people leave the curtain closed so it can dry properly, but I can't stand seeing it closed. That's why I always buy a clear shower curtain.

What do we want? a follow-up! When do we want it? Now!

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Not all black people are bad. Just like not all white people are good. :(

what about purple ones ? I heard they're completely safe :o

Yeah, if there was ever an FML that needed more information, this is it.

Yeah definitely more to this story! Did cops get involved? Was it a prank, or a pervert... So many ways this could have turned out.

You could basically pick an ending out of a hat. So many options. Personally, I think it could have been a family member playing a prank.

Which is why I always pick all of them. It was a perverted cop family member playing a prank.

#77 that's hilarious. I could only imagine.

What scares me about this FML is that there is still no follow-up..

I presume this was a lie if there's been no follow-up from the OP ... or was there (maybe I missed it)?

NotGabe 28

Did this person happen to be holding a knife and some rope? :o

I hope not. Always check for muderers.

3-- is that a "Dead Man on Campus" reference?

The question is, are you the person who was behind the shower curtain

euphoricness 28

If the person was holding a knife and a rope, I don't think OP would have been able to post this FML

flame5768 14

WAIT. are we just going to ignore the fact that there's is a person in the shower?! where are all the douche bags saying that we should sue?!

Sefolkerth 20

Oh dear. Hopefully it was a prank and nothing malicious. Good luck convincing her to go on her own from now on.

Gonna guess was nothing malicious, as OP would have more serious issues to worry about than posting her little anecdote.

I'm going with that it was a sibling, judging by the OP's name"Kids".

drumguy218 11

ALWAYS check behind the shower curtain.

I really hope it was someone taking a shower and not some sick perverted bastard

RedPillSucks 31

Or a sick perverted bastard taking a shower...

I really don't think OP would have had to check if there was someone in the shower, running water would probably be present if they were...

I hope you got the intruder arrested. Poor child. I hope she's not afraid of going to the bathroom now.

classiceagle63 16

Better get her a bedpan from now on.

All those years of checking behind the shower curtain finally paid off! Or so I would hope?

Why would you hope it paid off? That means someone was actually there, which is something I personally wouldn't want to happen. I hope all my shower curtain checking never results in actually finding someone hiding there (aside from maybe a game of hide and seek.)

... I believe they were talking about checking and finding them instead of the creep popping out at the child on the toilet. Plus the FML CLEARLY states that there WAS someone behind the curtain.

Wow what are the odds? I hope it was someone you knew. Why we're they even there?