By Anonymous - 12/08/2014 00:34 - United States - Columbus

Today, after months of dinners, coffees, drinks, and a few nights together, the girl of my dreams told me about this awesome guy she met yesterday. FML
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Tell her about the awesome girl you met (insert date you met here) and wait for her to realize you mean her

Next time dream less and act more.


Tell her about the awesome girl you met (insert date you met here) and wait for her to realize you mean her

Thats not a film going on..

Cuz that wouldn't be awkward

I feel #1 is right, one should express to impress their love

headofmedusa 15

I agree. This advice is gold.

Well at least we now know that the way to a woman's heart isn't her stomach

incoherentrmblr 21's being someone completely different...

This is so true, sad but true :(

YawMoney 14

Sorry. But why didn't you tell her earlier?

I don't think OP realized they had to tell her she was their girlfriend. It had been months of dating...

juturnaamo 29

Dinners, coffees, and drinks don't necessarily mean dating. She might have thought they were just besties.

If he's always paying, sounds like a date.

temmera 16

OP never said he paid for every dinner, coffee and drink. He just said after months of dinners, coffee and drinks.

I don't think the girl needed telling... the behaviour of the opposite sex is not a mystery requiring intricate solving! If a guy has 'spent nights with you' along with said dates etc, does not blatantly exhibit behaviour that would make you think you are not exclusive... you have to be blind to take that as friendship only, unless mutually agreed otherwise. I take this as a very conscious decision on her part. Lastly if OP truly did not intend on being exclusive with her, this situation would not prompt him to post a FML about it.

We all know what the post said. #35 never said that OP did pay. Keyword is IF. Learn to pay more attention.

Also nights spent with her

#31: That's possible, but if so then she's either manipulative or an idiot.

Next time dream less and act more.

Let's have a moment of silence for our brother lost to the friend zone

Let's have a moment of silence for our bro in the friend zone

She probably thought you were just being a good friend. You should have told her how you felt OP. I'm sorry you lost her though.

What about the nights together part?

When did it become required to be exclusive/committed to each other to spend the night together (sexual or not)? If the OP never expressed his feelings, it's his fault.

Getting meals together and having sex sounds likes relationship to me. Yeah, maybe she didn't think it was exclusive, but I don't think OP was in the wrong for assuming that it was.

I think this depends on if "nights together" means sex or just hanging out and watching movies.

Sure, it's disappointing when you don't get the person you want. Maybe you should have been honest about your feelings/intentions sooner. But just because you spent your time and possibly money on her, doesn't guarantee that she'll want to end up with you/won't change her mind as she gets to know you/won't meet the guy of her dreams, who turns out not to be you. Just be glad you weren't in a relationship with her, married, with kids, suffering from recent trauma, when she did.

violetsweety 26

I agree with you but it seems like she was leading OP on. It does say 'spent a few nights together'. I'm assuming they are sleeping together?

temmera 16

23: I agree with you that it does sound like she was leading him on if 'spent a few nights together' meant they've been sleeping with each other, but maybe she thought they were friends with benefits. One of my guy friends and a girl friend of his are friends with benefits (they also go out to dinner, drinks and movies with each other), but only until one of them meet someone else.

juturnaamo 29

Or they were cuddle buddies.

A moment of silence for our man in the friendzone.

Shut up with that bullshit. It's getting old

^^ Wow you just shut him down so hard my god.

Ok #15, as you wish. :)

To be honest men put themselves in the "friend zone" by the way they act around there crush. Don't ever hold your feelings back. Basically grow a pair

or... you grow a pair and they shut you down lol

Then get "shut down" and find a different girl, 65. There's no magic combination to make people always say yes when you ask them out. She's allowed to not want to date you.

Girl: You just got 10 points on your nice guy card! Time for me to give you the sex you so rightly deserve! Guy: Hot diggity!

You better pull a move before she does. Good luck OP.

That's when you come in and tell her about the girl of your dreams and see if she realizes.

It can't hurt to tell her how you feel.

little_star78 13

It could if she shoots him down

What's the difference between getting shot down directly or watching someone else sweep her off her feet. Either way, OP loses the girl so why not tell her how he feels.

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