By Whatswrongwithme? - 03/11/2013 09:57 - United Kingdom

Today, I told my girlfriend I loved her. She left and never came back. FML
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Then it's probably for the best, because it was never gonna work out after all


But the cat came back the very next day... *Drills that tune into your head from your childhood*

I've waited 3 years for this FML. ---------------------------------------- I forgot what I was gonna say.

What's wrong with you? Your dad's condom.

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At least OP has his work cut out for him.

Then it's probably for the best, because it was never gonna work out after all

Or maybe she just wasn't ready to hear that. Too soon Op :'(

Don't say I love you on the first date, Ted.

Clearly she didn't deserve you? Honestly just sounds like a bitch anyways..

No it's not clear whether one deserved the other. I don't know about you, but I'd rather my partner tell me s/he loves me and it be a true heartfelt emotion. I don't expect (and don't want) it to be said simply as a response to my own profession unless it was honest.

how can you judge that? maybe he said it after an hour of dating. not enough info to tell.

true, 94. I don't think it makes her a bitch like 3 said. maybe just too immature for a relationship.

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Op could be a creeper. Also, people deal with things differently. She could have been trying to break up with him and didn't want to be the one to break his heart by telling him "I don't love you sorry."

There's nothing wrong with you. I hate pointing out the obvious, but if she doesn't reciprocate the feelings, then there is no reason to force her. It's best to end it.

MikeonFML 17

Honestly love can develop, it may come on at different times for each person. I wouldn't say "just end it" if she doesn't love him yet. Though it does depend on how long they've been together for sure.

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If she ran away, I don't think she is going to reciprocate the feelings anytime soon.

1PersonIsMyWorld 22

we don't know how long they've been dating so no true response can be given until op let's us know the time length of their relationship.

Better sooner than later. It would've hurt more if this happened later down the line. (not saying it didn't hurt now)

Better to find out now than later, atleast you're not wasting your time anymore

That's a pretty immature way to deal with something that probably took a fair deal of courage for you to say :o People suck. FYL

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I'm sorry, but for some reason your comment made me laugh like a ************. I may be an asshole..


*chuckles to self* eeeeeerhhmm sorry to hear that man

I'm sorry OP. You deserve better than that though.