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By Anonymous - This FML is from back in 2014 but it's good stuff - United States - Bremerton

Today, my date ditched me and showed up with another guy at the same restaurant. She even tried to take the reservation. FML
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Koizumiii 23

Sorry for what ? He was a true g. He said tried to take is reservation . Way to be a man and stand up for yourself . Although the situation sucks right now , stand tall and great things will come !

Shhhh! I think it's trying to communicate.

rocker_chick23 27

I missed an h in " his reservation", and a few commas .Everything else was grammatically correct. Sue me.

rocker_chick23 27

#1 was saying they were sorry that OP was stood up by a bitch.

I would keep the reservation and eat by myself in her face. Or simply ask a friend to join. Rub it in, and show her how shitty she is.

Or, even cancel the reservation. Take it from me, nobody likes to eat at a restaurant by themselves. And she who must not be named doesn't deserve the reservation.

26-why? I love eating in restaurants by myself. best time to people watch, have alone time and eat good food.

I don't mind eating by myself either. Plus, if he cancels the reservation that means that spot would be open for them to sit at.

It does kind of suck when you were supposed to be eating with someone else, but I'd still do it, meal cost me half as much!

what a bitch. sorry OP. at least you dodged a bullet!

And this is coming from a female, so you know she is a bitch!

Wizardo 33

Sounds like a dirty trick actually, gets you to make reservations whilst the other person tries to take it. Don't feel bad she's a twat.

SarahSehhati 40

"bitches ain't shit but hoes and tricks" Dr.Dre

That's so shady. Screw that bitch OP. You're better off.

homesuckfucker 28

This isn't an FML at all! You avoided wasting your time on a selfish person who obviously didn't have genuine feelings for you. You'll find someone better. Good luck, OP.

That's super cold hearted, and really stupid of her.

I hope she gets a terrible case of food poisoning.

Dreamsorrow93 24

Eh it is an FML she is probably going to get laid with a side of STD's.

Ahh STDs.. the gift that keeps on giving :))

herpes. I think herpes is the gift that keeps on giving.

at least you can have both her food and yours! Keep the reservation for yourself and enjoy a nice quiet dinner out by yourself while her and her new date just lingers around :D

xivoricbutterfly 25