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Today, the kid next to me asked me, in all seriousness, if gay people have feelings like regular people. I'm gay, and I have to sit next to this barnacle until June. FML
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WompWompWomp123 7

Tell him, "Not only do I have feelings, I have super powers as well!"


I know I should focus on the FML and the ignorance... But what a great choice word: barnacle. Reminiscent of Spongebob Squarepants.

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Tell him they do have feelings... for you. :)

dinosxxrawr 22

do ignorant people have feelings like normal people?

JMichael 25

54- no, ignorant people don't feel a thing. That's why they're considered ignorant. Haven't you heard ignorance is bliss?

Ah, what a missed opportunity for early child death..

true, he's ignorant, but at least he has a year to indulge in "Mysteries of the Gay" volume 1. In all seriousness, he was being silly, but fortunately, he is willing to learn, and I'd say that's a plus.

FYL for saying "barnacle". Just take a deep breath Squidward…

countryrose92 23

I feel that as long as he isn't being cynical then his question should receive an honest response. Some people honestly don't understand and want to be able to ask those questions openly, for example by ex asked his lesbian boss, "r u the guy or girl in the relationship" he wasn't being cynical just was curious and wanted to ask so know more about her. Some people are ignorant but dont mean harm from it. Is say answer him then move on. No harsh feelings, unless he was trying to be rude.

tjv3 10

My question is why is the word used to describe or reference homosexual people "gay"? And why is the symbol must often used to reference homosexuals the rainbow ? This is very uninventive and plain.

#171 Seriously? Y-you're being seriou- *sigh*

The ignorance of some people is absolutely astounding. Sorry about that OP.

What an absolute jackass. How can people still be so ignorant? Good luck educating the barnacle.

Hey, at least he was trying to expand his knowledge. Can't blame him for that

myoukei 31

I would rather educate the curious ignorant then allow them to believe whatever delusions they have about me :/

WompWompWomp123 7

Tell him, "Not only do I have feelings, I have super powers as well!"

No vegans are the only ones with super powers get it right!

Maybe people didn't find that joke funny while watching Scott Pilgrim.

I did, but put enough drinks in me and I'll find just about anything funny.

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This is the best possible reply. The world is now a better place for you having made it. lol

Pretty sure most kids from older generations would be a lot worse than this guy.

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Watch the PSA "Boys Beware" on youtube and you'll see just how homophobic people were in the 50s.

It's not about the kids, I'd say it's mostly older people. I don't blame my grandparents tough, it's how they were raised and they have seen a lot of drastic changes already. But 30y/o people should really know better.

IworkAt711 14

58- I'm not trying to say anything bad about your grandparents, but they should really know better too. One of my grandpa's good friends were gay, and he didn't give half a **** about it.

I know, but a lot has changed the past years and sometimes they have trouble with how things are going now. When they were young nobody dared to come out of the closet and now they see men kissing and gay parades, I understand this is a shock for them because it's nothing like they are used to see.

96- No one should give half a **** about who anyone else is screwing/likes to screw anyway. Unless that involves your significant other/family/children of course. Some things just aren't cool no matter how you look at them.

On the other side, why would you care so much about what others think about you

I would have to agree that the older generation is a lot more ignorant. I was talking to this older couple one day, like my parents age, and they couldn't believe how many gays and lesbians there are today. They honestly believe that there weren't that many of them back in their day. They think of it like it's some kind of sudden epidemic. All I could think was haven't you ever heard of Ancient Greece. It's so sad how long people had to hide and in many case feel they still have to hide.

Well, It'd be best that you explain to him that you do possess feelings, or that you look for different seating arrangments if he irks you that much. There is not much you can do at this point. Maybe you can still educate him? Although it might be too late.

I agree. It sounds stupid to ask, but maybe this kid comes from a reference point of homosexuality being a sin and had likened it to homosexuals not having feelings? Maybe this is your chance to spread a little education/common sense, OP. :)

why not just say gay people are regular people?

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Zimmington 21

Yeah, because coming on to him will positively change his opinion of gays...

Okay OP I need q name, address, and picture of this target. We must make sure he never breeds and spread this ignorance.

evan_7899 28

I know I will get down voted for this but why did that go under? A perfectly funny comment to be buried. The FML community has turned to sappy assholes.

Zimmington 21

95- Same. The whole "Don't let it breed." thing is getting kind of old.

"the fml community has turned to sappy assholes" oh honey this is all there ever was

Everyday_Galaxy 14

If they are anything like the barnacle off of How I Met Your Mother should actually be legen......... ..............wait for it........ .......dary! legendary!

Once upon a time there was an ugly barnacle, he was so ugly, everybody died! The end.

Considering Neil Patrick Harris is gay, I think he'd feel a strong distaste for the 'barnacle' OP is referring too.

Nice and refreshing word for a change. Reminds me of the good old days watching squidward go crazy over spongebobs crazy stunts.

evan_7899 28

indeed, too many people overuse todays insults and we forget how effective the ye old ones are