By Anonymous - 28/08/2010 23:40 - United States

Today, I found out that my entire school differentiates me from another girl in my grade with the same name by saying, "No, she's the lesbian one." I'm straight. FML
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what's wrong with that? just correct them, but if they're small-minded enough to think calling someone a lesbian is an insult then they're probably not worth associating with.

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easy as just correcting them


I get called different from the girl in my class, by being called "the mellow one", because I go with the flow. She is "the crazy one" haha.

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stop kissing girls when you're drunk at parties! gosh!

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easy as just correcting them

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ur very gorgeous @ hahaiseeyou

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All you have to do is point out that you are straight OP. problem solved and no need to post on fml :)

dont dress like a lumber jack. problem solved

Hook up wit they dads, problem gone. :)

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Get rid of the mullet and have a gang-bang in the boys' locker room. That'll fix it.