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Today, I talked to a girl I like. I tried to make her jealous by telling her I had a "thing" going with another girl. She looked deeply into my eyes and said, "Wait, aren't you gay?" FML
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Tying to make her jealous is not how to win over a girl!


It could also backfire. What if the girl liked OP and then moved on because she thought he had a "thing" with someone else?

Even obi wan is afraid of a woman's mind.

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You can't make someone who barely knows you jealous, they just wouldn't really care

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I have to agree with #1, OP, being manipulative and playing mind-games like that is definitely not good. It really doesn't get you anywhere, plus karma's a bitch, and I hope it bites you in the ass.

Well if karma is serving justice I wouldn't necessarily call it a bitch.

Mind games are how humans are. Especially women, it's natural.

77, First off I don't think mind games are "natural," I think it's a choice you make. And secondly, there are a lot of things that are natural however it doesn't make it cool or right.

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I think OP had the whole "girls want what other girls want" going through his mind

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Kinda had that coming - worst excuse to lie to someone u like!

Isn't that what women do all the time. So it's ok when a woman does it but it's bad if a guy does it. Does that make sense? (For the record I don't agree with anyone being manipulative. Just trying to make a point)

No, that is not what women do all the time. Noone brought up gender in this. You just randomly pulled that our of your ass for some reason. Nor did anyone say it is OK when women do it. Stop your bullshit and imagining gender problems where there isn't one. "Mind games" aren't OK whatever gender you are.

It wouldn't worked anyway, making her jealous is not the way to go. But on another note, you just got 'gay-zoned'

Scynistr 20

Actually.. It seemed to have gotten him OUT of the gay-zone.. At least now she knows he likes girls...

Nah, as soon as she figures out he was lying, then she'll probably just think he's in the closet

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I hate to break it to you bud, but a girl will only be jealous if she actually has feelings for. If she doesn't, then she doesn't give two ***** who you're seeing. Next time, just man up and tell her what's in your heart.

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you can only make someone jealous if they like you and even then you shouldn't make them jealous

This is proof that this method doesn't work...