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By etsl - 26/10/2008 12:07 - France

Today, I learned that the girl I love thinks I'm gay. To be honest, I'm having doubts too. FML
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Oh__Shit 0

my best friend just told me hes in love with me..i told him i thought he was gay. whoops.


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If you love her, it's a sign that YOU'RE NOT GAY!!!!!!!!!!!

Dante_Nakura 0

I think I might disagree considering all the gay men out there who love their wives mentally but still have an attraction on the sexual side to men. There is a big difference between physical and psychological love. Kind of like the difference between love and lust I guess, but not quite...

OP, you just got offered some free sex.. Tell her you need to be sure if you're straight or gay.. She will do the rest.. Simple..

or tell her, if loving you makes me gay, then I think I' gay!

Ydi, im not a homophobe, but being gay goes against gods will, OR against the purpose of us being here (to create more people) if you're an athiest. i'm ok with it, its not like you're gonna go adopting any straight kids and making them gay too thus creating another genetic dead end (gay adoption of straight kids i am completely against), just TRY not to go that way. again no offense to anyone just stating my opinion. And btw, gogo replying to first comment to be near the top.

#30, or it means you like someone, as a friend, and don't know the difference yet. Can be hard to be honest to yourself sometimes. :)

#51 no, don't call her a man. That'll make everything worse.

Oh__Shit 0

my best friend just told me hes in love with me..i told him i thought he was gay. whoops.

RoadingAngel 0

well show her ur not gay ^ ^go up to her and tell it to her face !!

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:)Well... I dated guys, but then used to look at girls as well... I was pretty confused for a while... so deciede to experiment, and dated a girl... I liked it but it didn't work out, now I am just into guys and engage to be married... maybe you should give the gay thing a shot... then decide from there and #16 i agree, you should also let her know... it would be crappy for her to liking you more and more and then you decide that you can't be with her

danielleeycakes 3

I tried the girl thing too and also failed. Girls are just too bitchy and talk waaay too much.

MissCharlotte_fml 26

Thanks for stereotyping all girls, 52. Thats what makes us bitchy in the first place.

Hey maybe you are bi... there is nothing wrong with that. My boyfriend is bi and I'm a girl, I've come to terms with it and I am okay with it... I know he still loves me and I love him. But if you do start something you should tell her that way she knows. I know if me and my boyfriend break up and I see him with another guy and he ends up maarrying another guy I won't be hurt because I knew all along. Just have a detailed and long discussion about it.

what an insensitive, thoughtless comment. I hate people like you who say YDI for every freaking thing!