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Today, I tried Ambien for the first time. I now have to apologize to most of my exes for excessively rambling emails about getting together for some naked Twister. FML
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can I still use my asthma puffer or take panadol?

I don't see why ambien( commonly known as Zolpidem Tartrate) would cause that type of reaction. Adverse reactions are Headaches, amnesia, complex sleep related behavior, depression, dizziness, hangover, lethargy, sleep disorder. But nothing like what you described. Copied from :2014 nursing drug handbook, LWW

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"Try" Ambien. Got to admit, that really does make it sound like an illegal drug, which it isn't meant to be...

It's possible he was just prescribed it and he "trying it" for the first time. And what's wrong with my previous post?

Sleep walking and doing other things while asleep (such as driving, calling people, etc) without remembering it the next day is very common. I have a friend who took an ambien and woke up in her car in front of her boyfriend's house one morning... Just saying, this is definitely a FYL for OP!

#33 I'm surprised the book you referenced wouldn't say anything about doing strange things and not remembering it the next day. I studied pharmacology for a few years (currently studying to be a nurse) so I know quite a bit about drugs. This is a very well known side effect of sleep medications, especially Ambien. Perhaps the book is a bit outdated?

Idk. "Complex sleep related behavior" sounds like sleepwalking and whatnot to me. But that might just be bc I walk, talk, scream, sometimes all three at once, and I find it a very complex behavior. Especially since I am aware of everything I'm doing but I can't stop myself.

I used to take Ambien a few years back for about a month or two. My doc wanted me to take it every night for a while to see if it would help. It never really did. What it did do, however, was give me some of the weirdest "trips" I've ever experienced. (In highschool I did a lot of recreational drugs.) The "high" I got from Ambien more often than not was insane.

#41 I suppose that's open to interpretation. I read that to mean like it messes with sleep cycles or something. And it's hard for people to sleep without Ambien when they've been on it for a long period of time. You could be correct too though.

not the craziest thing someone on ambien has done

@29, lots of people have symptoms very similar to being drunk when using ambien. It makes me groggy but not sleepy. My friend even has vivid hallucinations when using it. Needless to say, neither of us use it any more

The book is the 2014 edition. I work in a chemical dependency and mental health facility. Been here for a few years. Always worked overnights. Through my time here many have taking ambien and I have never hear of, read or seen someone exhibit similar symptoms as the OP.

Adverse reactions to Ambien are very well known amongst healthcare providers, and most I've met won't even prescribe it anymore because of that. I've heard of the weirdest things people have done on it. My father took it a long time ago, and I once woke up to him coming into my room and trying to climb into my closet.

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Damn, are you a time traveler #60?

I'm a nurse and can tell you for a fact Ambien can give you the reaction OP described. I had a patient try to smash through a plate glass window with a chair on the second floor while trying to escape. I've had patients climb out of bed and break hips (they couldn't walk to begin with), scream and shout, and others are just violent. The older you are, the worse it is. We are VERY careful when giving out that med.

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With all this talk of sleep aids, I really miss the days when I had trouble falling asleep. My productivity was at an all-time high.

I've been taking Ambien the last few months and go lay down after 30 minutes because I get really good ideas like washing my car in the rain at midnight if I don't.

Complex sleep related behavior means what the OP described. It refers to many behaviors but the primary one is "sleep activity"; cooking, emailing and texting and even driving are all common. If you're studying to be a nurse, you need to gain a better understanding of your material if you want to be successful.

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What about us? Are we invited? c:

#30 *insert "If you know what I mean" meme*

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For an enhanced experience, pour some Tempera paint on each of the color sections before playing. :)

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I gotta get in on this. Where's it at?!

im game as long as moonsalt and op are playing :P

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Guess it didn't help too much with the whole sleep issue.

I had to take Ambien for awhile in high school, and I always felt rested the next morning (even though I'd sleepwalk and try to cook/drive/whatever... Don't worry, my mother always stopped me from doing all of that, so there was never a chance for me to injure anyone). I once, apparently, started singing like the children do in horror movies about the “thing in my closet." I guess I freaked out my family enough to have them stop letting me take the Ambien. The “gremlins coming grin the fireplace" was the last straw for them. I never remembered anything the next morning and felt like I'd slept for days.

That might be the most awkward reunion ever.

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Drugs are bad, mmmkay? Haha, that's a crazy thing to email your Ex's about playing twister. Several people may get their eyes poked out.

Email was your first reaction? I was definitely thinking text or call...

23: The post said email... It's ok, we all misread FML's at one time or another ;)

Bahah oh my, I apologize guys, I must've been half asleep or something. I've turned into the people I hate on this site... *shudder*

If at least one of them says yes, it was a success. If they don't, you can easily blame it on the Ambien. Win-win situation!

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yeah whats the worst that can happen there? *ex comes to house with gun* or even better. *cops show up with court date* lol.