By notenoughunderwearintheworld - 21/07/2013 20:54 - South Africa - Durban

Today, the great deal on my new apartment has turned into a nightmare. I keep hearing extremely weird sounds almost every night, and when I tried taking pics of the place today, my camera's face recognition feature kept activating, but only in my bedroom. I'm scared shitless. FML
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You can make a fortune with Paranormal Activity number...wait, what number is that crappy franchise up to?

TylerAnderson98 10

"Yes hello, toilet? I won't be needing you anymore because I just shit myself a month's worth."


You can make a fortune with Paranormal Activity number...wait, what number is that crappy franchise up to?

maniaccy 8

You will not stay and look into that ghost while getting possessed, pulled out of bed, and whispered at in some point of this journey. You will pack. And get the **** out.

Best advice I've come across in a while, 23. OP - you have your orders. Now start packing...

DeathInACan 3

I vote we call Ghostbusters.

Tell ghosts stories, it lightens the mood.

\ 28

In the Islamic faith, there is a race of invisible beings called the Jinn that enjoy fooling around with people... They like to do simple things like knocking things off tables and making strange noises to frighten humans... Just FYI.

omgitsmoe 26

They even posses the Human , and a alot more , but in Ramadan (it's a holy month in our religion ) they are all gone , I am a Muslim !

BubbleGrunge 18

I vote we call the Winchesters!

Some ghosts have been known to follow you.. those people left their haunted houses living under the false impression that they had escaped a terrible fate. They were wrong. But I'm sure it won't happen to you OP. After all it only happens in movies right ;)

maniaccy 8

In Ramadan, i.e. this month, all demons, shaytans and jinn are chained up and locked underground. So just keep the faith and nothing will happen inshallah. Even if you don't believe, there is truly nothing.

#112-That's what the like button is for

@93, better get the salt. And the holy water, and the silver...

Hopefully he doesn't try to say hello to it. I think the past, (I Don't Know How Many Either) Paranormal Activity's have taught us that.

How dare you guys judge the ghost/ demon maybe he just wants a hug

#139 that's what the dislike button is for.

#155 is right! Maybe the last owners ignored him and he just wants some love...

lilmegiscool 4

Otherwise known as a "ghost".

Read some creepypastas, that will help even more!

RpiesSPIES 27

Or play some creepypasta games, like: Pokemon: LostSilver Escape Lavender Town Luna 1, 2, 3, 4, 0 This way, nothing will scare you because you've conditioned yourself :D

Stormdriven37 6

2-Your profile picture helps just as much as your advice. Creepy.

Just got back from watching 'The Conjuring' and this post isn't helping. I don't think I'm sleeping till winter

122- I know! Scared me a lot! To make matters worse, we had a wee earthquake in the cinema while watching it! I screamed! Bless Christchurch...


30: or the creepypasta for Godzilla NES... RUN!!!

Try reading symmetry, the crawl space, or the puppet.

I suggest a ouija board for hours of fun!

But if winter is coming there will be no sleep

TylerAnderson98 10

"Yes hello, toilet? I won't be needing you anymore because I just shit myself a month's worth."

At least they can't get you now with your pants down.

DeathInACan 3

More like they won't want to..

You'll never be alone in the bed again. :E

I hear poltergeists are exceptional cuddlers.

misszombiexx 10

Awe, you can spoon with Casper. c:

BubbleGrunge 18

Twelve year old me would have died to cuddle with Casper!

Dont get polter-raped. *Prepares for downvotes*

No wonder OP got such a good deal on the house. The previous owners wanted to get the hell out of there! Remember folks, if it seems like it's free there is probably a "hidden "cost attached.

Nothing to do there.....I guess it's time to call an exorcist.

Obey_StudBoii 23

Time to get the hell out of there.

And come running into the reassuring arms of the FML community :).

Medd_fml 13

YDI. It was the ghosts house first.

Take your stupid YDI claims somewhere else.

It was so stupid it got thumbed way up, while your comment is about to buried. Plus I'm pretty sure the original comment was a joke. Don't be so quick to make accusative assumptions.

shan88 14

12. Don't you know that assumptions are the mother of all **** ups? Think first perhaps

Dusty_Busters 15

Well the ghost isn't paying rent!