By Ghettogirl4life - 12/07/2011 13:34 - United States

Today, I moved into my new apartment. My neighbor is apparently crazy and thinks I'm trying to 'steal' her husband. She watches me and is super paranoid. I have a two year lease. FML
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well it's not your fault. I'm sure that woman is just extremely insecure.

You should pretend to be super paranoid too and watch her all the time.


have funnnnnn! haha

well now you have a real reason to steal her man

op might as well have fun with the guy since she's already paying for the crime

Maybe if she sees you with a boyfriend she'll be less paranoid? Good luck... and beware, she's probably watching you... o_O


Ghetto girls get all the men these days

18 - She'll be even less paranoid if she sees OP with a girlfriend...

that's stinks:( im sorry!

this would only happen in Arizona

I bet OP is really sexy.

there is one way to make friends....

ghettogirl eh? I'd be worried you might steal my shit not my husband wait I'm a man

Steal and get shot. That's how we do it in Texas. :)

is that better for you 66?

I just saw an episode of law and order that started like this

Then get a boyfriend, invite her over to supper then BAM- suspicions gone.

get a boyfriend or convince her your lesbo

then hit her with a mallet

steal and get stabbed/shot by hidden weapons. That's how we roll in Florida.

50, OP's sexiness makes her sexy parties 200x better.

omg women these days.

"These days"? Seems like a long term problem starting waybackwhen...

well it's not your fault. I'm sure that woman is just extremely insecure.

Insecure, very likely, but what if her husband is really attracted to "ghetto girls", and she knows it?

And apparently she's a ghetto gurl for life so I don't think anythings changing soon.

bitches be crazy.

56, do what the first word in your user name is and try and make sense please.

1215116a 14

81, Mercy?

lol true that trifling ghetto girls these days making there Slutty moves!

88, Julie? 91, understood. Thanks for having Mercy on my brain cells.

You can't "do" mercy, mercy is a noun not a verb, so why don't you HAVE mercy and learn correct grammar.

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130, haha that's why I didn't understand it. -_-

Dome Sweet Dome

no, no no no. its not home sweet home

Gnome sweet gnome.

Have a two year affair !!

but imagine what would happen if she got caught by the crazy lady... hmmmm... not a good idea

haha it would be rather bad

You should pretend to be super paranoid too and watch her all the time.

Or get some guns and clean them everytime she watches you.

Or get some guns and shoot at her house every time she looks at you.

131- Great idea. Try and kill your new neighbors, that'll get Op what they want. A nice quiet steel cage with 3 square meals a day...

.... that sucks. sorry, nothing much to say here

you could say 3way!

9-It sucks like the girl in your pic.

I was hoping someone would pick up the joke.. thanks 42!

^^ Photo Win. but I can't see all of it on my iPod.

Well she is a woman. What do you expect.

bang her husband haha

Might as well give her a reason to be paranoid.

sexy one aren't you

I would say soo :D agreeing with her, give her something to be paranoid about !

Pthats horrible!