By haunted - 24/11/2011 20:30 - United Kingdom

Today, I was walking to the kitchen in the dark. Something caught my eye and I turned to see a man standing in the corner, clear as day. I jumped and closed my eyes for a split second. When I opened them, he was nowhere to be seen. I'm now terrified to live in my own home. FML
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Fyl for having a creepy ghost or sumthin in ur house. Good luck and hope it was just ur imagination...

Well shoot, I'd thought you didn't see me. Your house is very nice.


Fyl for having a creepy ghost or sumthin in ur house. Good luck and hope it was just ur imagination...

Damn_Hippster 11

It just got Insidious all up in your house!

it sucks to be u xD

Well shoot, I'd thought you didn't see me. Your house is very nice.

Paranormal Activity

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There are these things that are called shadow people, sounds like what she saw. Of course. We have no idea if they are real or fake... Let the comments begin!

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Wait, Why would you close your eyes at all?? You should have been prepared to: A) grab your gun (a knife works too) B) whoop that ass!! C) call the police!!

Or D) Offer it a sandwich

Spankmymonkeylol 6

Haha , I see what yuh did there !

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Learn you prayers I know one and I'm paranoid so I say it a lot A lot

When seconds count, cops are there in minutes.

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93 your pic is funny reply about mine

Stop watching exorcist movies before going to bed...

no, a knife wouldn't have worked. by the time the OP would've grabbed either of those, he/she would've been shot/stabbed repeatedly by the man that was there, if he was actually there.

Unless they didn't have a knife or gun?

Am I the only one who is wondering where 1 went, and how the comments start off with 2?

170- are you on the app?

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It's ok it was just the wind (if you don't get it it's a paranormal activity 3 reference

my friend, who won't even walk to my house alone because she is so scared of being kidnapped, would have probably fainted if that had happened to her.

I'm still waiting for someone to name a movie that doesn't suck for a reference

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Kinda random, but the power went out at my school and I had to go back to the locker room in pitch black to get my bag. One of my teachers gave me a flashlight, and I SWORE I saw a girl sitting in the corner! 0.o Turned out to be a shirt hanging up by some pants lol. Morale of the story: your eyes can play tricks on you, especially in the dark!

Horrorfan 6

theeeeeey're heeeerrreeee :D

rallets 22

it was probably Toby

Sounds like a Horror movie. Hoping you just imagine that guy - Good Luck!!!!

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Heeeerrrreeeeee's Johnny!! :)

86 - Sandwich or sammich? Whichever she picks could critically affect the situation.

I think your eyes are playing tricks on you take it from a paranoid chick -.- don't waste your time

Insidious is amazing ... But i was terrified

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Who you gonna call?

supermankisses 1

If you don't own a gun, you should. Especially women living alone. And who the hell doesn't own a single knife??

It's the mist :P (hope people know the reference)

Where the hell were all these FMLs during Halloween?

I see a women in white dress walk past my kitchen window quiet often. woke up the other day, she was beside. abit of a shock! didn't think I got that drunk the night before haha. but she was gone two seconds later

295- why specially if she is a woman? What are you implying? That if shit goes down, men can beat a robber without a gun? Are you one of those people that think women should be allowed to carry tasers and shit but men aren't? Because those people shouldn't be allowed to vote.....

@OP: Don't flatter yourself. I'm not into tubby girls. I'm after your little sister.

kalejaxson 5

337 - Cuz if there's a guy trying to decide which house to go in and spy on the owner and maybe get a few pictures then he's probably gonna choose the chick's house over the dude's. And if there's a girl trying to decide which house to go in, the friends that she brought along will probably talk her out of it before anything serious happens anyways.

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It's the Slash Slinging Slasher!...

SlickWillyTFCF 5

Gun no, knife yes. A person within 21 feet can get to you before you can pull out your gun. A knife however is faster quieter and just as deadly. As the old saying goes, 'guns for show, knives for a pro'.

Well played 86.

Can anyone spell "schizophrenia?"

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Edward Cullen wants you. Beware.

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OP is in London, so you people suggesting she get a gun need to read up on the laws.

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Sadly, no one does except me:(

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E)A warm shower and some bacon

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Nice bunny pic. LOSER.

448- nice courage the cowardly dog reference, that was the only episode that actually scared me :P

I pissed myself laughing

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Sounds like the creeps from The Strangers are after you. Beware.

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Well I was going to say cookies and milk, then put that shadow man down for a nap..but a sandwich works too. Lol

It is her imagination, thats why so many people are afraid to be alone in the dark.

You better damn hope that wasn't slenderman

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could have been your imagination. this happens sometimes to me

trust me, I was more startled than you were. I just let myself in for a snack.

When something like that happens I tend to get an adrenaline rush and I like to yell or talk shit lol idk it helps I'll be like come at me bro!

I see dead people 0_o

Yeah, I remember when I was a baby that my imagination was soo strong that I would actually hallucinate...

136- Same. It used to freak me out, but I'm used to it now ^_^

NikkiFlysKites 8

I will love you if you tell me what manga/anime that is in your picture

perhaps OP is just part of the kurasaki family and can see ghost (unless she's yuzu family outcast)

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Shut up all of you - you're not imagining or hallucinating you are seeing ghosts and you're just DEEP in denial about it.

The awkward moment when you A) know what their talking about B) Nod your head and pretend you know

edit: remove the also

I should have learned how the edit thing worked before using it

Must have missed the office memo that says we all have to believe the exact same things. Do I have follow a certain religion now or something?

Writing horror stories then babysitting makes my imagination go wild...

Writing horror stories then babysitting makes my imagination go wild...

mduffy08 8

I'm sorry, since when is seeing ghosts a religion 250? It can be associated with religion, but many Christians don't believe in ghosts as well as others do.

I was referring to being told I have to believe in ghost and not being allowed to have my own free thought on the internet

89- I do the same thing like I'm ready to just go ape shit and kill whatever it is. And im like "I'm gona bash your skull in mother fucker" I figure in the one in a million chance that there is someone there they'll be like "fuck this guy is gona kill me or die trying"

Mipz 2

177, it's Hatsune Miku. Not really an anime, but still pretty cool.

OP Do you know what time is it now.......... GHOSTBUSTERS

do you like to imagine pretty unicorns?

It could be a djin... Dont say its name or itll get you

Haha... If you read what you just said and look at your picture, it will make you laugh XD

177+389 It's not Miku, it's Mio from (the anime) K-ON

EXACTLY! Everyone is just in denial and like to think it was their mind playing tricks on them

That would freak me out!

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I would have peed myself

I once woke up to some man standing on tr edge of my bed I thought it was my lil brother so I threw something at it. And nothing. Never been more terrified in my life

oreobunbun 3

Is it odd that I imagined him perched on the counter like an owl?

ashtonkay 7

Woah woah no. No way would I stay there knowing some creepy man weirdo ghost thing is running around my house. Hell to the mother effing no. Nope mmm mmm.

Maybe it was your imagination, it WAS dark.

No, it wasnt that dark

That's what it says. It says it was dark so...

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Hmm. You're making it as of it was you who posted this FML. Yet this FML was posted in the UK, and your profile says you're from the US with 0 out of 1 FMLs posted. I say FRAUD!

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5 I love your username

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Haha coxk block you pic makes me lmao

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Oh my god I would be creeped out

Who ya gunna call ... GHOSTBUSTERS xD

thebeanishere 8

Way to comfort them lol

Ive been living in my house for all my life and ive always been scared of it. My parents have made me believe ghosts are real...which they are...*shudder*

Let's just hope it won't grope you in your sleep! (reference)

Great Fluffeetalks refrence!

bejay 4

He jus wanted to say Happy Thanksgiving

Op lives in the UK

bejay 4

So?, we English don't have Thanksgiving. It's an American holiday.

bejay 4

So I stand corrected, he wanted to say happy early Thanksgiving. I'm sorry.

bejay 4

So he wanted to say happy early Thanksgiving. Hop off.

it isn't just an American holiday :p

Mipz 2

343. American and Canadian. But if I'm correct, it's celebrated on a different day in Canada.

We have our thanksgiving in october


OP said man, not woman. And standing, not crawling out of the TV or whatever. I don't know how you linked the two.

Crawling out of the TV? I think you're thinking about "The Ring". I sometimes mix horror movie together myself.(:

Middle schoolers should not be allowed on FML...

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Obviously the grudge was making the man a sandwich haha she may be dead but she is still a woman haha

155- idk what the hell you're talking about! The comment you responded to was a 15 year old girl, not a middle schooler! dumbass! read the date of birth!

I don't think there should be an age line but rather an intelligence standard that requires a test in grammer, reading, and basic reasoning to prepare you for the world of opportunity on FML it'll be just like the ACT

guckylynn 19


Mipz 2

204, how about just the basic reasoning part, but it is instead a test to be able to function in normal society?

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You are grudge… It looks like… ^.^

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You spelled "grammar" wrong haha

digit7631 0

People who accuse others of having poor grammar should really analyze their own beforehand so they don't look stupid.

Glitterhinoceros 14

Paranormal Activity 4

Hahaha all we need is actors to make the new one lol