By somebody - 08/06/2012 23:13 - United States - Lexington Park

Today, when I was laying in my bed, I looked on the opposite side and saw a spider the size of my palm staring at me. And if that wasn't bad, I found out it hops. I still can't find it. FML
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Oh shit! This is giving me the fucking shudders....

You opened your eyes before you counted to 20 AND you can't even find him? I wouldn't be surprised if he just left, you're the worst hide and seek player ever.


Oh shit! This is giving me the fucking shudders....

See, this is one of the reasons I love my kitties... It woulda given me the shudders as well, but my cats see a soft-shelled lobster.

Oh, HELL no. That is the stuff of nightmares, OP. Good luck finding it, though; arachnids tend to be crafty little bastards.

Burn your room!!

Spider, man! Spider, man! Look out here comes the spider! Man...

Forget shudders. This made shit a brick of utter fear.

Burn the house down. Only way to be sure.

....I'd burn the whole house down


When you guys find a spider in your room but then end up losing it before you get the chance to kill it, do you end up deciding to sleep in some other room that night? I do, and I'm sure I'm not alone.

Hmm. I would have thought op was Australian

I was laying in bed when I read this...let's just say I'm not anymore

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85 - this happened to me, so I slept on the couch the next night

I would first piss myself, and then just move out.

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87- here in oz we have spiders with kneepads!

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Even if I see a small spider. When it randomly disappears, I don't sleep that night.

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Better watch out, those things can smell your fear.

Hell,I wouldn't sleep in the same house if I saw a large spider in my room. Once I see one,I can't rest until I know it's dead!

SenselessPattern 12

It just wanted to jump into your arms for a hug. Now its hiding because you wouldn't return its love. Too cruel OP, too cruel.

OP: "There's a spider and I need to find it! Better post this to FML!" ._.

Nest thing you know hes waiting under the toilet paper roll waiting for you....

Ah HA! Then his plan is ruined, as he failed to realise the OP can't fit under a toilet paper roll...

Dr0reos 8

Just PRAY TO WHATEVER GOD WILL LISTEN that is isnt some mutant spider with the ability to fly.

I haven't seen a spider in my house for a couple weeks now... What the fuck are they planning?!

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Day 12... Still haven't left the closet... No sign of the jumpy demonspawn. Water and food is running dangerously low. My pet fish died yesterday. May god have mercy on my soul...

yoursucklives 36

spiders are sneaky little bastards!

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"That's because it's on your head!!" *screams like little girl*

Has anybody bothered to look at the location? I'm from Maryland, we don't have any spiders larger than a quarter, and they aren't deadly unless they're smaller than a dime.

Fuck your life, OP.

Last I checked, we had a button to express this opinion.

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^^you had this choice as well!! second thought... / / don't even think about it o.O

8 legged freaks!!

Kill them with fire!!!

Find it!? The second I found out it could hop I would have been two blocks gone while calling an exterminator. FYL OP and good luck.

The second I see it I would be on a bus out of town! I hate spiders.. And as big as that? Ugh just thinking about it gave me goosebumps.

I would have called the fire department to burn the house down.

angelamhill 7

OMG. Invest in bug spray. O.o

Michael_92 20

For the spider that is nowhere to be found?

Invest? Is bug spray that expensive nowadays?

You opened your eyes before you counted to 20 AND you can't even find him? I wouldn't be surprised if he just left, you're the worst hide and seek player ever.

FYL OP. I wouldn't be able to sleep in the same room..

trevino180 4

I would have burned the house down and been like fuck it I don't need a house anyway

Same.did you guys see the article about the spiders who invade land in droves!? Happened in australia,brisbane during floods& happened in india.IM TALKING ABOUT TARANTULA KIND OF SPIDERS!!