By Anonymous - 9/1/2021 23:01

Who goes there?

Today, I live in a studio and I can hear really weird noises coming from my neighbours, my walls, my floor and even inside, without knowing what did fall/scratch/move. I seriously wonder if someone lives hidden in the walls. I don't know if I should call the cops, a psychiatrist or an exorcist. FML
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By  Charlie Given  |  23

do you know your neighbors talk to them see if they hear the weird noises if they think there's animals too call an exterminator you'll find the points of entry and close them off and get rid of whatever's pests you have

By  spinspinsugar  |  12

I live in a house and I'm always hearing like something's falling and idk were it's coming from because I don't see anything fallen over. idk if there are animals in the walls or if the house is haunted or both.