By Shutup! - United Kingdom - London
Today, the fire alarm keeps going off at my apartment. Not only is the noise ear-piercingly loud enough to wake the entire neighbourhood, there's also a big flashing red light in case the deafening sound isn't enough. This is my day off. It's going on all day. FML
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  devildog562  |  33

I'm assuming this is a complex with a built in fire department central hub. I had one and only the fire department could access the console on site. Batteries aren't an option in that case.. :/

By  devildog562  |  33

Maybe call the fire department and see if they'll deactivate it temporarily. If now perhaps you can go somewhere more soothing to relax since it seems like your home is not a sanctuary right now.

By  Sparkmage21  |  2

It is a fire alarm inspection. Happens once per year to make sure everything works including inside the apartments. Do NOT call the fire department or you could be fined for it and it is not a cheap fine. Sorry it happened on your day off but at least you know you're safe.

  slyde32  |  12

alarm tests don't last all day, and alarms can fault and go off, you don't know it's a test or not. I also doubt the fire brigade will fine you for ringing them to inform them about the alarm, even if it is an inspection

  devildog562  |  33

I know for a fact if you call the station they won't fine you. My old apartment had a short that caused it to go on and off all day and night. Called the fire dept. and it was fixed in a hour or so.

  Sparkmage21  |  2

I work in the fire protection industry and when we test apartment buildings, depending on how old the systems are, we do have to ring it on and off all day. On several occassions because of how old and massive the buildings and systems are I have had to ring it for 8 hours on and off a day for a week. The fine may just be in the one state though because the tenants got a notice and called on purpose to try and get us shut down.

  cupcakelife  |  7

My apt complex does testing on the alarms once (or maybe twice) every year. It lasts all day long for an entire week, Monday - Friday. My complex is massive, and it is annoying. At least I work 4 days of the week, and always make plans to not be home my day off when it's happening.