By fsfs - 17/08/2013 16:27 - Germany - Kiel

Today, I went downstairs a little after midnight to grab a snack, and in the dark hallway, I clearly saw a small child walk into the kitchen. I was freaked out, but I followed him in. There was nobody in the room. I'm now too scared to sleep, and am seriously considering moving house. FML
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OP, I admire you following him. I would have gotten the hell away from there.

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Set up cameras, it was probably just a trick of the eye, or you have some paranormal gift.


Gothicbunnyx3 16

Set up cameras, it was probably just a trick of the eye, or you have some paranormal gift.

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Burning frankincense or buhkhur (Arabic special incense) reaaaally helps. Wards off evil and straggling spirits

He's not a ghost, he's the hide and seek world champion, and apparently he's still winning.

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Night vision camer number 32.

Why does this remind me of The Conjuring?

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1- You do realize that cameras usually make it worse !!??!! Have you learned NOTHING from watching those types of movies ?!

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OMG... maybe this is the follow up to the halloween FML from a while ago! Please tell me Im not the only one who remembers it...

Maybe he was practicing some ritual creepypasta?

I had a familiar experience not long ago in german speaking Switzerland. I made an fml, the email said it came through, but it never appeared... The ghosts are taking over the world!!

I recommend prayer, Jesus Christ has a way about removing evil spirits. No joke.

87- what was the Halloween FML? I've started to favorite all of the scary FMLs I find... They're fascinating!

This has happened to me several times except I've seen my mom twice when she was somewhere else. Creepiest thing I've ever witnessed. I saw her in our garage so I put on my shoes and went out there and she wasn't anymore. She had been sleeping in her bed.

ghost vision would be a pretty awesome gift, if you ask me.

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she was astral projecting or what ever happened in insidious that stuff is real

Hopefully his girlfriend doesn't think he's doing it just to record them getting laid.

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175- it was an FML from 2012 about a little boy who was trick or treating by himself and snuck into OP's house.

I liked so this comment would have 666 likes

Maybe it's the homunculus Pride from Fullmetal Alchemist :D But that would be pretty damn frightening, too.

Think astral projection its very possible that was why you saw you're mom when she was sleeping

You're gonna need some salt, something made of iron, and someone to drive to the cemetery with a shovel, more salt, and accelerant.

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#274 that is the best comment ever

OP, I admire you following him. I would have gotten the hell away from there.

This is the one rule you learn from horror movies. If you see something scary, DON'T FOLLOW IT. That's asking to die

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BRASS BALLS... High and mighty ones too..

What would you have done if there actually was a little boy there?

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Depends, if he wanted a sandwich I would've made him one. If he was like *ghostly sounds* then I would run in terror.

I think I would be more scared to just turn around and pretend nothing happened.

Same here,I would've flipped my shit and gone to my parents house.

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Shadows + Imagination = Nightmares!

This is actually true. I once thought the same thing as OP, and was super freaked out about it. After multiple times of this happening I realised it was just my own shadow. What a relief.

One time while driving home at around 3 in the morning I kept seeing someone in my back seat with my rear view mirror. I kept telling myself it was the side of my face in the reflection but my mind was playing crazy tricks on me. Worst drive of my life.

Your eyes can play tricks on you in the dark. Don't worry about it, but set up cameras to reassure yourself.

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That's for damn sure. I had a shadow dog in my bedroom before. He'd walk up and smell me, climb in bed, and lay down beside me. The freakiest shit was when he'd get on the bed I'd feel the weight of him, and when I reached out to pet him I felt small traces of hair, while my hand went through him. I was spooked at first, but he was a nice shadow dog. Embrace it, OP, it's actually fun to play along sometimes. Just remember, they can't hurt you

#56 - Honestly, that sounds pretty awesome. I'm not fully sure if I've also had experiences with shadows at night like that or if it was just dreams, but it really isn't bad.

Actually they can harm you, I once lived in a house where if you lied down (it only happened in my bedroom) it would feel as if a person got on top of you and would start to choke you, need less to say my family and I moved out.

Well that's creepy stuff. But, I think it's just your imagination no matter how real it feels. I guess you eventually get used to it if it keeps happening again.

I don't know if someone could get use to the feeling of being choked....

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You're actually supposed to stay away from shadow people. They are believed to be demonic and can actually hurt you. Most of the time ghosts are harmless. Shadow people are a completely different story.

Yea my brother and I never got used to the feeling of being choked.

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Yes, your eyes can play tricks on you making you see shadows or movement. Full on children? I'm not so sure.

#77 a similar thing happened to my boyfriends mum when they was staying in Spain, she felt like something was pinning her to the bed

#127, and that's when you move away..

When I lived in the dorms at university I had that happen one night, woke up with bruises on my throat that could only of happened from someone else choking me.

196 that's exactly what happened to me but to make it worse it happened anytime of the day you would lie down and it didn't matter if you were awake or not.

#77 #206, maybe this helps? I have it like 80% of the time when i am stressed out!

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218, that explains the feeling of being choked, but not the bruises. Something similar happened to me once. I used to wake up with bruises in the shape of hands on my arms and legs. I even woke up one day with X's scratched into my knuckles. Turns out I was doing it to myself in my sleep because of all the stress from school.

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Sell out your house to a ghost-hunter show. At least get some money out of your new spectral friend.

Thats pretty freaky!! Though it might be nothing........

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Your picture is what's creepy here…

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RUN, OP! Everyone knows small children are the most evil apparitions!

This has been taught by countless horror movies

35- NO. That episode scared the everloving shit out of me!

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Mooooommmy....... Are you my moommmy?

35- I am favoriting this FML solely for your comment. That episode gave me the willies for three days straight!

What episode of what show are you guys talking about?

#182 It's a Doctor Who episode with "Captain Jack" from WWII England (think that was the war...)

No! Horrifying! I had nightmares for days after that episode

It is said that demons depict themselves as children when they show themselves to people

Maybe you were just being tricked by your tired mind. Probably nothing.

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Why is 11 getting thumbed down? The Sixth Sense was such a great movie.

I guess people just don't watch "old movies" anymore. Sigh.