By Anonymous - 21/07/2013 21:49 - Canada - Drumheller

Today, while arguing with my newly ex-girlfriend over how she cheated on me with a mutual friend, she tried to wash her hands of any guilt, saying that I was "selfish" and "just slut-shaming, really". FML
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bettyboop428 24

Yes, how selfish of you OP to expect faithfulness from your gf and loyalty from your friends. Just so selfish....


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flockz 19

mine. mine mine mine mine mine.

zed34 18

Pretty sure there are some things you don't share

Wowxoxo 17
threer 30

They're joking. Chill out..

Nobody better lay a finger on my Butterfinger!

Thank you, I'm surprised people actually took me seriously

flockz 19

in which way does me quoting Finding Nemo give women the misconception that all men are cheaters?

They're obviously joking. Bad, bad jokes.

two fingers?! you didn't say anything about two fingers :p

CallMeMcFeelii 13

Just shut the **** up, 51. It was obviously a joke. If that comment is why women see guys as cheaters maybe they're as blind as you are. Seriously, did you even think before you posted that? One guy on fml portrays the entire male population as cheaters? You gotta be ******* kidding me.

All men are the same just as all women are the same.

I think the sharing joke was quite funny, although it would've been more so had it the author added more exclamation marks. I'm just saying: learn to recognise jokes and don't thumb them down. I hate people who down thumb because they're stupid.

I love how Op's ex said he was "just ****-shaming". How else are ***** supposed treated? With full dignity?

Yes with dignity, because there is nothing wrong with being promiscuous if it isn't harming anyone. However cheaters should not be treated with dignity.

adrenalx42 2

Being a **** is not socially acceptable

There are many things wrong with promiscuity if it goes too far. The risk of STD's increases, many people are often left emotionally hurt (even if it isn't cheating) and it signifies you are an uncommitted person. There is a reason why being called a **** is considered a bad thing. I'm probably going to get thumbed down for this but you can try to change my opinion if you wish.

Go on and thumb my comment down, but I think sex should be about love... It should be special

74- No one is dictating how people should live their lives. We are all just expressing different opinions. It's ok to disagree.

I suppose my 1st comment was a bit insensitive. It's just that ***** often put themselves in a position to receive hate. Previous lovers often get jealous. But hey, what do I know. I still haven't gotten lucky yet so maybe my opinions will change when I do :p.

Don't people have a right to their opinion just as much as people can be promiscuous if they choose? **** shaming is such a big thing at the moment, but think about how many times you "shame" someone for doing something or for being who they are. (weight, intelligence, clothing choice, how someone writes or types, the type of phone they have, the console they have, along with many others) People are always going to be mean to other people. People are always going to judge other people. Judgements and opinions really go hand and hand. So unless we suddenly lose the ability to form opinions, we're not going to stop shaming people for all the things that we see as negative.

So men can have a bunch of sex with people and its okay. But when a girl does she's a ****? The woman is a cheater. And she gives us real feminists a bad name. It's a divine right by anyone to have sexual freedom as long as what they are doing isn't harming anyone (including stds, cheating.) if I feel like having sex with a bunch of guys because I want to be single and they feel the same way, then it should be fine. Shaming anyone for anything, especially their opinion is wrong. But an opinion about passing judgement like they know the person based on appearance and "what they hear" isn't right either. Unbiased until you know the facts and don't judge unless your in for jury duty. I don't pass judgement on any of you, I'm sure you're all lovely. :)

Reasonable. Everyone THEORETICALLY has the right to opinion under international human rights law (see ICCPR), but under the same set of laws you can't abuse that right to say racially vilifying things. Assuming human rights lawyers know what they're doing, that means some opinions should be shamed. Like saying blacks should be separated from whites.

puffleprincess 7

120: long story short, people are assholes

Emily062611 6

124 - I don't think it's okay for men either. I think it's generally difficult to have sexual relationships with multiple people without hurting someone. That's what the problem is. I also have a problem with people doing it for attention and then complaining about receiving negative attention.

Wow, I suppose you should be glad you got out of that one. She seems like somethin' else.

bettyboop428 24

Yes, how selfish of you OP to expect faithfulness from your gf and loyalty from your friends. Just so selfish....

TheDrifter 23

Don't forget horribly rude. After all we all know how horrible of a person OP must be for "**** shaming" right?

I love that she's essentially calling herself a ****. If he's ****-shaming her, then she has to be a ****.

You're really better off than being in such a toxic relationship.

Wow sorry OP. Be glad she's out of your life.

I'm more proud that op said newly ex. no more generic comments about that!

threer 30

Don't you mean ex-girlfriend?

Yeah, how dare you be upset about this! Shame on you!

At least she admits that she's a ****

she's a selfish, cheating, unworthy bitch

Oh, she deserves to be shamed, that's for sure :)