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Today, the day before I was going to move in with my army fiancé, he was told he would be deployed very soon. I can't pay for the apartment without him, and now have to move back in with my parents until he returns from active duty. FML
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when you're an "army wife," minor/major setbacks is what you will have to deal with. It wont be easy.

fromthesuck 8

oh so my job is to get shot? i hope you're not american cause i'd hate to think it's my job to get shot for you


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he might get shot so don't get Ur hopes up

muchagente 5

#1 is right. being shot is their job.

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fromthesuck 8

oh so my job is to get shot? i hope you're not american cause i'd hate to think it's my job to get shot for you

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KiddNYC1O 20

#1 is right. You knew what you were getting into.

Actually you ignorant pig their job is to support and stabilise a country/reigon that is under pressure politically or non politically such as peacekeeping and to keep you safe you can go on FML soooooo yeah... rant over

if you are a soldier like I think it is stated thank you for your services!

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1 Shut the F*ck up!! That is really not something you say to anyone EVER! My Brother-in-law, husband and I are all in the military and you have no idea how hard it is when they are overseas and all you can do is worry and wait for them to return. the only way to go into a deployment is with hope that they will return safe! Also, for the ass holes saying it is our job to get shot. NO the HELL it's not!!! Especially since my husband and I are Medics! You think it is the medics job to take a bullet for someone? No, it's our job to patch up and save people wether they are US military or afghan/ Iraq citizens! I can't believe some of the people on this site!

Actually, it's more like "you get paid to do as you're told, regardless of whether or not the so-called enemy has done anything wrong, and even if killing these people has the same effect on your home country as leaving them alive." Let's not live in a false reality where war always has a sensible reason, especially if we're discussing Americans. Regardless, ydi, op. You should know better than to expect a stable, normal lifestyle when you're an army wife. If you want that then just leave the poor guy so he can find a wife who can step up to the task. No need to be a bitchy, needy pest. Even if his career weren't in the picture, most people who aren't mooching off of their SO can afford an apartment of some sort - there's this insane, new concept called a 'job', you know? Do you think every person who doesn't live with someone else is stuck with their parents lol?

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Really???!!! Everyone knows the job and the probability that their loved one might not cone home! Nobody needs a reminder of that, especially from a complete stranger, jag off!

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It's actually true, all a soldier really is, is cannon fodder. Unless they have some sort of specialized job such as UH-60 pilot, Green Beret, Tank Gunner, etc.

Prankster7o7 5

No disrespect towards the soldiers out there, without y'all we couldn't do it, so thanks for your service. Oorah.

You should be their target practice douche.

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you can't help who you fall in love with. wow you guys are just assholes.

Oorah, marine corps(: my husband is a marine. #1 **** you I hope you get shot in the foot.


Until you've been over there defending the country... Why don't you shut the **** up! It's easy to say crap like that in your warm cozy home in a FREE country. Freedom isn't free.

black6 1

Well not really I am infantry. May job is close with and destroy the enemy. Like a great general once said “The object of war is not to die for your country but to make the other guy die for his.” ? George S. Patton Jr.

What the FUCK is wrong with you?????

just_dandy20 2

#12 No dumb ass! It's not "their job to get shot" its their job to protect this country! But sadly they "CAN" get shot.

a_girl_i_know 0

when you're an "army wife," minor/major setbacks is what you will have to deal with. It wont be easy.

4's right, you should have known the consequences

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all I can say is you love who you love!

don't you have access to a joint bank account? Or could he send money to you?

Macromartyr 3

I thought the army supported your significant other while you're deployed?

They only provide for a spouse, not a girlfriend/boyfriend or fiancée. OP, if you guys get a courthouse marriage before he deploys, then get a real one afterward, the army would give you an allowance for rent or even military housing in the meantime. If not, he's still getting paid while he's deployed, he could still send his portion of the rent to you every month. That's what he would (hopefully) be doing if you were already married. If he's not willing to, you might want to rethink your engagement.

actually it goes to whomever they say they want it to go to. bf/gf fiance, it doesn't matter. so if this is true, she'd be getting double his military pay just because he is deployed.

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not true. you only get extra money for spouses, not fiances. i'm in the navy.

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Either way, and one way or another if they had a strong and tight relationship, he should be sending her money while he's away, been there done that, he's not going to spend all the money he makes anyway.

celticmarine2005 2

Where are you getting double the pay for deployments? You must be a very gullible person if you think military pays that well. When deployed you dont pay federal taxes- but you still pay social security and medicare. You may get an extra $225 Imminent Danger Pay a month, but thats really the only difference from pay stateside versus deployment

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Here's a question. Is she ready for the commitment? Sure, she could just marry him legally for financial support, but is she ready? I don't think we know...

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169: military gets paid at least double while in a combat zone. Some get paid almost triple depending on if they have a spouse and the number of dependents. If they are already engaged then why doesn't he just make it final and get paid a whole lot more while over seas? OP either has a bad fiancee or she is just stupid!

chillinAK 9

178-Being an army wife, I would love to see double or triple pay. We have three kids and have been married for over a decade and we get basic, (all soldiers) bah (soldiers with dependents, one or twenty it stays the same depending on rank and years in) bas (all soldiers) and cola (which is based on how many dependents, but is only for certain areas, like AK). While deployed (once and going again) he gets separation pay (married soldiers get this, flat pay of 250) hazard pay (100, all soldiers) and possibly hdp (125 all soldiers in specified zones) and no taxes federal or state taxes taken out. So WHERE do you see double or triple? They get, on average in a red zone, maybe 750 extra for deploying. If you go to a green zone, you don't get two of the pays, knocking that 750 down to 525 extra. Been there, done that

celticmarine2005 2

Again... NO. I looked at my husband's current LES since he is deployed, and mine from when I was deployed... there is no way in hell anyone in the military would get anywhere close to double pay for anything! It sure would be nice but it would never happen.

j1114 2

how do you get a basic BAH for all soldiers? cuz we get BAH based on my husbands rank and place of duty station. I may just be reading this wrong, if so I'm sorry

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chillinAK is the most correct, most of these answers are extremely wrong and some are just ignorant. BAH, separation pay, hazard pay, etc are all standard amounts but they are based on rank and where you live at home.... not the same for all soldiers. Separation pay is given for each dependent, not just to spouses or children. and BAS is given to soldiers not their dependents. the amount varies per soldier but will not double a salary although some come close, especially with special qualifications (ie foreign language, airborne, etc)

black6 1

But that is a big risk. I have had some of my soldiers get screwed by doing that. They come back and there is another man in their bed. Then I have to bail them out for beating the guy into the hospital.

172-Because they are engaged already, it's safe to assume she is ready for that commitment....

Can't you still receive his paychecks though?

chillinAK 9

What soldier is gonna give his girl his whole check without knowing is she's gonna be on the other end of his trip? He could set up an allotment though.

usnwife 18

My fiancé gave me access to his account while he was deployed... Been married 4 years now, 2 deployments and 2 kids. He's navy, so things may vary a little, but he should be making MORE while deployed, so even without giving her his check he could easily send her a check for rent or something. This sounds fishy, tbh. Does she just not want to live alone but is ashamed to admit it? Did her fiancé lie about how much he makes? Sounds like they have some major issues to work out, because as written this isn't even close to right :/

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That sucks, but 4 is right you're gonna have to deal with that stuff. But I'm sure you already know what you're getting into and it pisses you off when people tell you that:P it would piss me off.. Which is why I wouldn't FML about it... What were we talking about?

fmylife117 0

i cant believe the things people are saying on here. i am an army wife and i am very proud! you civilians no nothing about the military world, until you serve. so shut your mouth if you have nothing nice to say.

You shut up, ****. There has been almost only nice comments...

Gondile 4

and how the **** is she a ****? ass hole

what's a civilian in army language? a walking colateral dammage

You're still a civilian, moron. You're no better than us because you're an Army wife, so shut the **** up already.

Lol, army wife trying to get all uppity. You're also a civilian.

I'm in the navy. navy/ army/marine/airforce wives are still civilians.

Military spouses are civilians,but we go through more than most people realize or even go through.Cut us some slack.We have to worry 24/7 while they're deployed about a lot of things.I didn't realize how hard deployments were until I went through one with my husband.

while the navy guy is correct he's still a dick

Not to be a super bitch or anything, but if you're going to troll, couldn't you have just picked out that instead of 'know' she said 'no'? Anyway, y'all are asses, god forbid you lose someone you care about and actually have to face what these ladies live in fear of on a daily basis.

beretta91 3

"you civilians"? You're a military wife, last time I checked, you're a civilian too. You're nothing special. I've served in the military & been deployed, you don't know what WE have been through. Just b/c you married military, doesn't mean you know what it's like, regardless of what your "hubby" tells you. You have NO idea. Its people like YOU that make the military look bad. Sorry, try again.

Gallaghers 0

Yea, you really have no right to be lecturing us. Also chances are that most people have a friend or family member in the service, so don't sound so high and mighty because you married one, think about all the other thousand of people who have fathers, mothers, sons, daughters, and life long friends over there.

trey9991 0

u don't gotta be a woman to have a significant other in the army just sayin I was in and got out from heart disease but my fiancé is still in but since I'm out I'm still a civi. just sayin I'm basically an army wife in man form and still a civi even tho I'm discharged after 4 years of service...

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I know what you mean. some "Americans" need to get the heck out of this country. it irritates me when people sit during the pledge of allegiance or talk bad about the military. if it wasn't for the military we would all be some British ****** talking about tea and crumpets and cry if we get dirt on our fingertips.

beretta91 3

144- you were enlisted, so im sure you understand what its like being in the military, regardless of if you're a civilian now. my point is that if you marry into the military, it doesnt mean you know what its like unless you've served. and calling others "civilian" like shes higher than everyone since shes an army wife is disgraceful. she deserves a reality check.

denversolo 0

If you weren't so quick to be defensive you would see they criticizing her reaction to the situation, not the situation itself. Don't be so self righteous in your own pride to blindly defend someone who is obviously leaving shit out of her fml just to make it something to complain about.

ilikeyouuu 0

Wow. I am an Army wife as well. So? I am no more special than anyone else. Do you think you're cool because you called everyone else 'civilians'? Well, look in the mirror, hunny, because if you aren't in a military uniform, you are a civilian, too...Now if you threw in a little more awesome military lingo, I might think you're cool and special.

icantthinkofgood 5

I'm in the Air Force & I'm pretty sure we consider spouses "civilians".

Pyrozog 0

The Marines are better.... Which makes me question why army wives are so uptight... Semper Fi, Do or die!

ShadowedHuman 5

And apparently army wives don't KNOW how to use proper English, let alone your snooty ways of looking on "civilians." Why do military people think they are SO much better than non-military? Especially the army wives. Where the hell do you get off talking about "civilians," when you pretty much are one too?!

chillinAK 9

Not all military wives are like this. Hell, I won't even talk to most military spouses because they are straight scandalous. Although married to the army, I'm a civilian. But, to the poster who sounds like a major snob, if your husband has rank, do you wear it too? You are probably the lady at the PX register asking "Do you know who my husband is?". We are no better then the civilian women - we just have more worries then the average spouse.

I doubt very seriously you are in the corps.

Ok "army wife" your a civilian your self...once you go to basic training and got to AIT like the rest of us soldiers did then talk.. I have been in the military for a few years now and am also married a soldier. Once thing i can't stand about some "army wives" is you think the world owes you something. You think your husband is a "hero" well you know what so are officers, EMTs, firefighters. I dont think you know anything about the military world until you serve..just like you said... you only know what your husband tells you. Hopefully all these comments people are replying to you is a wake up call that you need to get off your high horse. I dont go off telling people .. i'm a soldier and an "army wife so give me attention" hell no... people like you piss me off.

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you are a civilian since you are not in any military service.

Dude, I'm an Army wife, and I'm in the Army. Annoying little bitches like you make ALL of the Army wives look bad.

Not "pretty much". Unless they also went to Basic and AIT, they ARE civilians.

That sucks OP I hope nothing happens to him, Good Luck.

Well you're already engaged. Get a quicky wedding so you can get his BAH. Might as well get used to the deployments now.