By panicelement - United States - Carbondale
  Today, my college started an internet "confessions" page. Out of curiosity I checked it out, only to find that it's full of some of the most disturbing stuff I've ever read. My schoolmates are either filthy as fuck or they are all pathological liars. Wonderful. FML
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  daniel_dd31  |  13

I don't think it could get much worse than the other fml were the guy jacked off in the washroom, didn't wash his hands and then used the computers in the school computer lab.

  qwtf  |  14

#19- that happened at your school too? I work in my university's library and after I read that I took bleach wipes and cleaned every computer in the library lol

  chocolemonade  |  6

My school started one too! There's some messed up shit on it. A chick who shits in condoms and freezes them to use as dildos...A couple who are storing the girl's period blood to "use during the zombie apocalypse" and a whole ton of grossness

By  DocBastard  |  38

All those sites where people confess how fucked up their lives are are full of bullshit, made-up lies. You can't believe a single one of them.

Wait, what?

  AKGirlinSD  |  20

Damnit! That's exactly the song I got stuck in my head after reading 4's comment. I also have the music video playing in ny head, as well. "I love the smell of my own poop."... That song will never get old.


Community Collge isn't just for high school slackers; there are tons of really bright kids who just can't afford the damn high prices in the US
(assuming OP is from here... doesn't show on my phone).

  JenRae93  |  13

This doesn't necessarily have to be a community college....i go to a university and we have a probably equally repulsive "confessions" page...

  lilhellian  |  26

Or it's not just that they can't afford a university, but they want to get the bull shit courses out of the way. Using an easier and cheaper college, so they can have more fun at the university..

  SilentRhapsody  |  13

For the record. My community college, which I, a 4.0 student chose to go to out of interest in say: wanting to spend about...oh....$20,000 (that I bought a new car with) less on my college tuition? Had a much better, modern facility, with teachers that gave a crap about me, and had a more respectful community than my current university.

Just because some people are intelligent and don't want to waste money for ratted out disgusting dorm living, and floor parties every night doesn't mean that they're stupid for going to a community college.

  stevenJB  |  25

Same here!