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  Drigr  |  9

I'm with 22, a lot of couples (married and not) that I know try to split up bills, especially if there is differing pay days. Maybe this month she was on car duty and he was on rent duty. But instead he decided to get his car paid off and bail.

  landcfan  |  6

Maybe he was expecting a paycheck at the end of the month, but they had to pay off the car slightly before that?

OP, please clarify! Best of luck to you, by the way. And time to sue for child support!

  c0c0_fml  |  16

12 - I'm happy to see someone thinks like me :) Sure, poor OP but it's not like the guy stole the money. She's supposed to be a responsible adult for her child. OP shouldn't take such risks as lending money right before rent is due and should save some money in case of emergencies. So, in fact, poor kid...

By  MikeMikeTheAzn  |  3

What a fucking douchebag! You have a kid and he just left like that!? I really don't fucking get people like this and I swear if I knew him I would enjoy slowly disecting his testicles. I'm really sorry but at least you realized it and let him go. I really wish the best for you and your kid.

  AKGirlinSD  |  20

I'm with 3. I can't even fathom a parent leaving their child and fiancee with zero explanation. That kid is most likely going to have some serious daddy and men issues.


Nothing wrong with paying his car bills. Families often split bills. I know my dad pays for both his and my moms car payments and my mom pays for both of their cell bills. The ex boyfriend is just a jerk and OP found herself in a bad situation.


I guess we should all go around driving drunk too, because not every drunk driver gets in an accident or gets pulled over, some make it there safely.

If something has a high enough probability of majorly fucking up your life, it's best to avoid it.

  CharresBarkrey  |  15

69 - You're choosing to not get married or have kids because it might possibly mess up your life or end badly? That's pretty stupid. And having a family is not even comparable to driving drunk because "not every drunk driver gets in an accident."

By  FlyMeAway  |  2

I wish you luck! No one should leave their partner with no way to make ends meet like that. Tell the landlord you can't make it because of your ex fiancé, I'm sure s/he'll understand.

  psuedodragon  |  23

Maybe not though. When I had a landlord I needed to pay with a check that I post-dated for the last day rent was payable (because I couldn't get in that day and my paycheck wasn't in early enough to pay in advance). I had been living there for a while and the landlord still charged me a "late fee" because "cashing a cheque takes more time and won't get done on the day rent is due". I felt it was totally unfair and moved out shortly after that. (Swallowed my pride and moved back in with my parents -maybe that's something OP should consider doing?)

By  landcfan  |  6

Wait, was he already your ex, or is he your ex now that he left? Were you renting the place together? Hopefully the landlord isn't totally cold-hearted, and will work something out with you.