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By  nikkers  |  0

awww dude this sucks :( ive brothers in the military its not easy being away from loved one.. but if she couldnt wait a year for you she aint worth the rest of your years

  jasonsaied  |  1

yay I'm near the top!! and yea shoot her

  ImaginaryFoe  |  0

It is vaguely familiar. There must be a lot of bitches out there dumping their servicemen.

Why did you have to re-enlist to get an assignment closer to home? Why would you anyway since you'll be home in a few months? Is that why she dumped you? Just curious. FYL and good luck.

  fister13  |  0

you know. fuck you ass hole. you don't know shit and you are probly a fat ass who sucks his own dick and complains about the war but doesn't do anything about it. fuckin block head

  peternorth  |  0

it doesn't matter if there is a popular war or not. we have no choice on where we go. we go, we fight, we die. our blood gets spilled for ungrateful bitches like you. how about showin a bit of respect. we watch our brothers die in our arms. u think we agree with the war fuck no. but we do it cuz we r told to. and because we will take the burden for others. so what i'm trying to say is stfu.

  Skimbap  |  0

#98 You have not died, you are not watching anyone die, and you are not fighting. All you are doing is bitching on fmylife. You as an american are doing nothing to help anything nor anyone in Iraq, you are are doing nothing more than fueling a spitefull country and a corrupt government. You are holding a burden no one needs to have.


Sad but probably true. It is shamefull how unfaithfull to our service men and women their significant others can be during deployments. Although it does happen on the other side of the ocean as well.