By chilegrande - 01/03/2011 20:59 - United States

Today, I was mugged while on my way to the bookstore. I'd saved up for months to make a mega-purchase of study materials for my major, only for it to be taken away in a few seconds by some lowlife thug. FML
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It doesnt matter what OP coulda or shoulda done, there are a lot of reasons why they were carrying cash instead of having it in a bank or prepaid card the fact of the matter is they had cash and got mugged now they are screwed cause they can't buy the shit they need for school, if it was me i'd be pissed. Those of you that say YDI are asshats

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Next time, roll up your money, put it in a tube and carry the tube in your rectum.


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just be glad he didn't kill you.

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Always carry pepperspray or mace. hurts like a bitch when you get mace'd in the eye!!

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this is why carrying cash is a bad idea. I debit card would have saved your money. I'm sorry you got mugged.

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Exactly, don't walk around with large chunks of cash. I don't carry any more than 50 in cash on me and that's only for emergencies. Get a debit card and use that, it's a lot safer and it helps you manage your money better IMO.

I have pepper spray on my key ring..hopefully I will never have the need to use it...

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I agree with 15. Carry a mace!

nothing like carrying a large stick with a spiked metal ball to keep the muggers, general public, black knights, at bay

I got mugged once upon a time, like a month ago, now I bring pepper spray wherever I go ;).

95- To "Carry a mace" A mace is a large spiked ball. That's not only dangerous but idk if cops would let you keep it. Maybe it would be easier to re-word that, and "Carry some mace/pepper gun"

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what did he say? lol hes got 0 confirmed out of 6 posted lmao xD

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You're the one with the 0 confirmed out of 13 posted so....

that is why you put your money in the bank. fyl you dumb!!

It doesn't matter if he saved the money in the bank or not you idiot, he was mugged on the way to buy his books.

Actually YOU are the idiot Coolada. If their money had been in the bank they would have a debit card in which case the mugger would need their pin number to use it. the card would be useless to the mugger at that point. Also all the OP would need to do was cancel the card right away.

Lots of stores, especially online, don't even check pin numbers. It's not a safeguard at all.

Hasn't OP ever heard of online shopping?

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I think people are forgetting the whole point of this FML. Would have it been safer to keep a credit/debit card to keep his money? Yes. Does it change the fact that someone stole something from him that he worked hard for? Absolutely not. So to the people here saying YDI for not keeping the money in the bank or using a debit/credit card, I hope you get mugged someday. I bet you a million dollars your sorry ass won't be thinking the same way anymore.

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If you get mugged and all you have for them to take is your debit card, how is that going to change the way you think? "Oh, I should carry all my money with me so I have something to give the mugger next time."

thanks for reminding us all about our morals!!!

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Agreeed : ) people don't turn into judgemental assholes

for not having street smarts living in that area. ydi. carrying cash. ydi. just cuz some girl defends you, fyl... not. they could have been mugged with a knife.. sucks that happened but it sounds like you should be smart enough to know better..

you have too much faith in banks. one day the bank will take all your money too

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#51 Thank you for still being human.

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and ur profile pic is ugly. FYL

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you couldn't save the money in a bank but had to carry around cash?? what if you had dropped it or someone stole it from your apartment, you would be in the same situation. Lack of financial responsibility and discipline is the root cause.

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Or the "lowlife thug" mugging him could've had respect for someone else and their property instead of mugging them...

The mugger isn't absolved of blame because the OP was irresponsible, but the OP needs to take better control of his money in the future. It's like saying that if you're driving 200 mph and someone else hits you, it's all their fault and you are free from blame.

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theres nothing wrong with carrying cash asshole

you need to think about this yourself. I feel like your looks are getting you agreed with.......lowlife thug may be feeding a family or buying crack. stop trying to act like your some mesiah enlightening the people. I wouldn't think any diff if I got robbed except... damn, I knew I should have bought a gun or took took self defense classes.

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Sooo buying crack and having a family makes it okay to rob people... BTW I agreed with the fact that it would've been safer to use a credit/debit card. The whole point was that he got MUGGED, which is WRONG. Even if you were mugged and you didn't have cash on you it sucks. I understand that just because it's wrong doesn't mean it doesn't happen, but it sucks regardless of the circumstances. Period.

no it's not ok for crack... nigga needs to save for a ball and cook the shit himself... lol jkjk. I don't even know if he's black but life is tough in some places. i'd rob all of you to feed my family if I had food stamps and all that help crap already

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So now-a-days we are so dependent on credit/debit cards for safety to where it is our "fault" for not using a credit/debit card? Do you know how stupid that even sounds? So is it my fault if I am wearing a Rolex and someone mugged me? You're just going to say "You should've had that stored in the bank". Who the hell are you to tell me what to have on my person? I should feel safe enough to walk down the street with MY belongings without the fear of getting robbed. How dare you even try to blame the carrier. The mugger gets all the blame. FYI not all credit/debit cards are better/safer than cash. If a burglar breaks into my home - I get the blame because I didn't buy the Nationsl Security Home Premium Package? No.

Vista or MasterCard man use that next time. That sucks though man, fyl

Yes, let's all just rely on credit cards instead of spending money we actually have, that'll solve everything.

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oh god, Vista is making credit cards now?

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You don't have to use credit cards. Banks issue debit cards with the visa and MC logo that are linked to your account.

That's why I use debit. you know you have that option right? Just keep track of how much you use.

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i use credit to get points i can redeem for free stuff. i never spend more than i have and it boosts my credit rating. when i can get a mortgage and all you debit card users with subpar credit cant, ill say i told you so.

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This is why you always have to stay strapped

Yeh, totally. A strap on would've scared the daylight out of the mugger.

Yeh, totally. A strap on would've scared the daylight out of the mugger.

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I have a beretta but can't carry it around in my state

They're either referring to a knife or a pistol.

Who are you to call him a lowlife? Maybe he took your money because his family of four is less fortunate and he can't find employment because very few places hire convicted felons. Therefore you provided this thug with hope for his family.(: FHL for needing money that badly.

Seriously? You think that just because he can't afford anything on his own, that it makes it okay for him to mug someone? What's stopping him from mowing lawns or being a handy man? You can do that on your own, don't need to be hired by any company for that, all you need is the initiative, and the self-respect to want to earn your own money, rather than feeling entitled to someone else's. And the "convicted felon can't get a job" excuse is bullshit anyway; it's circular reasoning. He commits the felony because he has no money, and he has no money because he's a convicted felon, and he commited the felony because he had no money, and he had no money because he's a convicted felon.... it has to start and stop somewhere, so this argument makes no sense.

Who is he to call him a lowlife? He is the guy who just got mugged, and got money taken away from him that in all likelihood he worked a long time for. Who is that mugger to just rob someone and decide that he needs the money more than him. If someone really is in a dire situation he should steal some food instead of robbing random people in the streets, and no I'm not endorsing stealing food from stores if you're poor. Get a job!

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As stayed in the fml, OP worked hard for the money. All the mugger had to do was take it from him/her. But the above posters pretty much covered this.

This is the liberalism talking. Gun laws? Don't get me started. OP, hope you filed a police report. (maybe it would work, maybe it wouldn't).

Geez I was just being creative and looking at the situation in a different manner than the obvious "should have saved it in the bank" etc. And actually that circle thing is true, once in a system it's hard to get out. But lighten up people! I was only being imaginative and adding some spice to the given FML.

No, not at all. I know that it's wrong to steal no matter the reason but as I stated earlier, I was just adding a different point of view. I don't agree with the whole Robin Hood concept because it's a pretty idea but it's not something that is function. Just like the whole tax cut business that Obama is going for. It's not right just to tax from people with a certain annual salary and up. What needs to be done is people need to all pay the same percent. And I know I have gone off on a tangent, but it's so you may see that I do not live in a magical perfect land. Like I stated earlier, I was being creative as to make the story somewhat more interesting. Look at all this conversation it has accumulated! xD

yes it would! the ends justify the means! ask any progressive liberal

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Shawnee you look exactly like someone I know

#10 Is that not the definition of a lowlife?

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f that, that money should be in the bank.

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op how do you kno the thug is a lowlife?! I'm shure he has hopes and dreams just like everyone else!

lol anyone who is so greedy and desperate that they would steal from some completely innocent person, is a low life. no matter what the situation is. maybe the mugger should try to better himself instead of ruining someone else's day.

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Shawnee you are a moron. as sad as it is to not have money to feed your kids. that "Low life" is just that a piece of shit low life to mugg someone to get money. due to his mistakes in life. next time it will be you. karma Is a bitch

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I accidentally thumbed this up, sorry. Ignore that.

Your such a dumbass ?. Being poor is no reason to steal someone's hard earned money. Being poor IS an exude and exude to get a ******* job though. *FACEPALM*

Lol #4, did you seriously call OP a dumb? Idiot xD