By dantheman - United States
Today, I just got a new assignment for the moving company I work for. Two weeks ago my fiancé dumped me and I moved out of the house. Almost all of the furniture was mine and it took forever. The new moving assignment I have is moving her new boyfriend into my old house. FML
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  Westy543  |  0

No, #4 "." was my initial reaction too, along with "what." It's an actual response, in case you didn't know, usually as a pause due to being displeased.

  suchacreep  |  0

Considering how much of a bitch the ex-girlfriend is and how the break up went, I would possibly decline. I wouldn't put it past some girls to invent some furniture damages, theft, insults or threats, then call their ex's boss to try to get them out of a job.