By dantheman - 24/07/2009 14:56 - United States

Today, I just got a new assignment for the moving company I work for. Two weeks ago my fiancé dumped me and I moved out of the house. Almost all of the furniture was mine and it took forever. The new moving assignment I have is moving her new boyfriend into my old house. FML
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couldn't you turn down the job and just explain the situation to your boss?

Ps- I accidentally spelled 'fiancée' wrong. Grammar Nazis be gone.


# 1, you're an idiot.

Is that so? # 4, you're an idiot. OH SNAPZ UZ AN IDIOT NOW TOO JAJAJAJJAROFL

No, #4 "." was my initial reaction too, along with "what." It's an actual response, in case you didn't know, usually as a pause due to being displeased.

Well, at least you don't have very much work to do! Actually I misread, the new person could have a lot of stuff to move in Either way, get on with your life

I agree with moving on, but who moves in together after dating for 2 weeks? She must have been cheating on you, dude

Oh, that sucks cow nipples! FYL

Correction, cow's milk (and any other animal that isn't a human) is bad for us...

Then please explain calcium. Maybe un-organic milk is bad for you... But I'm pretty sure milk is good for you

ouch, I'm sorry man.

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what? lost me somewhere around 'stick'

Well exactly that means hes gonna have a lot to move in retard

dude if the furniture is yours than take it back, you bought it so it's rightfully yours

It's not HIS furniture, it's the NEW BOYFRIEND'S furniture. The OP had already moved his out. Reading comprehension anyone?

I agree with #1 . you should also "misplace" some items

couldn't you turn down the job and just explain the situation to your boss?

If you would actually turn down the job just because of your ex girl.. then you're a fucking pussy.

Considering how much of a bitch the ex-girlfriend is and how the break up went, I would possibly decline. I wouldn't put it past some girls to invent some furniture damages, theft, insults or threats, then call their ex's boss to try to get them out of a job.

put everything in upside down.

HAHA (In Nelson from Simpson's voice)